Digital Security

With more and more data being stored digitally, there's an increased demand for media destruction.

COPS has you covered!

Providing media destruction with our on-site service, COPS destroys CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes, Hard Drives, and more in a matter of minutes! The only trace left behind is the certificate of destruction in your hands.

If you have other types of media that you want destroyed, just ask our team about service options!

Reach a Service Professional at (309) 452-0064, or contact us online!

Staff Recognition      

A good team is essential when providing
the most secure level of document destruction!

We would like to recognize Security Specialist, Bob Fields II, for his excellent work in protecting customer data for over 6 years.
Study finds devices are not wiped properly

Ryan Francis, Network World

"Smartphones and tablets among those found on second-hand market with Personally Identifiable Information."

Shred Biz Blog

Critical Elements for Shred Vendor Selection
"What are important things to look for in a shred vendor? To protect yourself, make sure to enlist a shredding partner that meets certain criteria."

Shredding Resources

From shredding tips to informational guides, COPS provides the following on-line resources:

Green Calculator
What to Shred
On-Site vs. Off-Site
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