New to spin? Never tried a HIIT class? Want to sharpen your TRX knowledge?  Then our Intro Series is for you!  Pick one or pick them all!

SPIN 101 - Sunday January 20 and  February 24

This is for people who are:
-new to spin
-curious about what a spin class entails
-wanting to spin but nervous about trying a regularly scheduled class
-wanting an  opportunity to nail those pumps and tap backs

This class will:
-go over detailed bike set up
-walk you through a typical class format
-breakdown track profiles
-teach you proper form
-give you an opportunity to hone your choreography skills
-give you an opportunity to ride a mini class and get a little sweaty
SKILLMILL 101 - Sunday January 27

What is a SkillMill? Spend 45 minutes learning about this incredible piece of equipment:
-it's non-motorized, multi drive technology allows users to set their own resistance
-it's curved design removes 80% of the impact of a regular treadmill and encourages proper running form
-t his is not your typical treadmill - your workout will go far beyond sprints and pushes.

This class is designed to make you feel comfortable with our SkillMill base moves - single leg, high and low pushes, shuffles, broad jumps, and more!
TRX 101 - Sunday February 3 

The TRX utilizes your own body weight and the force of gravity to allow for an entire body workout. Suspension training aids in the development of flexibility, balance, and core stability, all while providing cardiovascular and strength conditioning:
-learn how to workout using just your own bodyweight
-suitable for all fitness levels, you'll learn that by simply adjusting the placement of your feet you can alter the intensity level
-although there are a countless number of excercises, this class will focus on allowing you to perfect the basic moves

STRENGTH TRAINING 101 - Sunday February 10

Strength training not only improves strength and endurance.  It builds bone density, boosts metabolism, and improves posture and balance. This class will take you through a mini circuit, taking time to explain form, technique and the benefits of the exercises.

MOBILITY 101 - Sunday February 17

Mobility is the strength in the range of motion of your muscles. 
-learn the difference between mobility and flexibility
-learn how mobility can help you with chronic pain and injury prevention

-learn how improved mobility can help you progress your training
-learn how to utlilze overall mobility to improve balance, body awareness, and avoid strain on your joints

Classes are just $10 each.  Space is limited so sign up now!  Click here to register! 
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