Coronavirus COVID-19
March 17, 2020
Because of the Coronavirus ("COVID-19") many services have been impacted. Agents National Title Insurance Company is committed to continuing to support the viability of its business and business partners while, most importantly, assisting in the preservation of the health and welfare of the public, our employees, agents and customers. 

Currently, many County Recorders, County Clerks, Registrars and other governmental recording offices are modifying procedures, which may include shorter office hours and temporary closures.  These closures, of an undetermined period, will result in disruptions to the recording process.  The following is shared as a direct result of the closures having occurred, and those to come:

During this period of uncertainty, regarding the closing process specifically, Agents National is dedicated to insuring the gap created by an initial and temporary inability to record. When an Agents National Title Insurance Commitment, Preliminary Report, and Closing Protection Letter is appropriately issued by an authorized Agents National agent - our policy and closing letter protections will remain in force as if the transaction was properly recorded on the date of disbursement, where allowed by state laws and regulations. All appropriate recordings must be accomplished as soon as the recording entity reopens.

As these matters develop or change, Agents may modify parameters or guidelines as circumstances warrant. We will notify you immediately of changes. In most cases, Agent's normal underwriting guidelines will remain unchanged.

As always, Agents National is here to assist with the underwriting of the title insurance policy. You may encounter one or more of the following issues that require you to work closely with our underwriters in the days ahead:
  • Searching limitations, where we work with you to determine that the online review of documentation suitably serves as an appropriate equivalent, under present circumstances;
  • Recent involuntary liens that pose search, examination, inquiry or other investigative challenges; and/or,
  • Any other situation, issue or matter where you have questions, concerns or similar.
If you have any questions, please contact your underwriter.

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