Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers: 
On behalf of Pressure Systems International, I’d like to update you on how we are addressing business continuity during these unprecedented times from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  

We are doing everything we can to be responsive to the ever-changing business environment as governments, businesses, schools, and medical industry react to the pandemic and prevent the spread of the virus.  

P.S.I. has taken the following steps that will change how we will work with each of you over the next several weeks and perhaps months: 
  • We have implemented our business continuity plan and are daily assessing how any change may impact our business operations. 
  • We are working with our suppliers to manage any potential impact on our supply chain. 
  • We are communicating daily with employees with instructions on how to remain healthy and precautions they should take for themselves and family.  To date, no employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19. 
  • All San Antonio office and production employees will undergo daily temperature screenings. 
  • After implementing travel restrictions several weeks ago, we are now suspending all employee travel for the foreseeable future except in emergencies.  
  • We have suspended all non-essential San Antonio office visits by suppliers or other visitors. 
  • We are encouraging the use of video conferencing and other technologies. 
  • We are contacting customers as time permits to help address any concerns they may have about our operations and how we can help support them in a safe and timely manner.    

We will continue to share updates as necessary.  If you have any questions concerning how the COVID-19 is impacting our businesses, please feel free to contact your PSI representative.  


Tim Musgrave