Nineteen years ago I was introduced to the school by Rabbi Perry Tirschwell and I was charged with the mission of making the Highlites a cutting-edge publication. Since then, we have produced around 484 issues, averaging 25 per year. That first year I created them myself with Rabbi Tirschwell’s input. After that, I was brought to the school to do many more things (fix computers, take pictures {over one million!}, run the network, deploy iPads, deploy a new e-mail system, create some yearbooks, change to Renweb—just the ordinary IT things.) I soon realized that the way to go was to involve students.
After several years of creating the weekly Highlites with some faculty members, the students took over and that model has not changed since! Shira Borzak (’07), Jordana Kamenetsky (’07), Chava Rubin (’07), and Ben Shai (’07) were the first Highlites student staff, and this year we had Penina Kahane (’22) and Chana Schandelson (’22) as co-editors with a staff of 32 students that created graphics and wrote articles. As the reins are turned over to Orly Dimont (’23) and Ariella Mayer (’23) and their staff for the 5783 school year, the Highlites is in great hands!
I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge all the student editors that poured their hearts into every issue. Click Here to check our archives, especially the Purim issues. The creativity abounds! I want to thank all the student writers for the wonderful articles – I am sure SOMEONE read them…(just kidding). I want to thank the technical staff who used their wonderful Photoshop skills to create amazing entertaining graphics for the banners and articles. And I can’t forget all the video editors for filming and editing all the videos in each issue. And the student photographers. A huge thank you Zachary Cohen for all he does!
I primarily need to thank Rabbi Perry Tirschwell, Rabbi Jon Kroll, Rabbi Avi Levitt, Mrs. Ora Lee Kanner, and Mr. Shimmie Kaminetsky for entrusting me with this task and helping guide the mission along. Thank you to Rabbi Danny Kroll, Rabbi Allan Houben, and Rabbi Josh Spodek for helping as well. Thank you to all the alumni coordinators throughout the years for gathering the Good and Welfare statistics.
A special thank you to Mrs. Amy Horowitz for editing EVERY article on time every week – a daunting task for sure – for the last 19 years and counting.
And of course, you, the parents, grandparents, board members, staff, administrators, alumni, and friends of KYHS that religiously wait on Friday for every issue. Keep reading! The fun is just beginning. I can’t wait to read future issues from my RV.

Thanks for the Memories,
Claudia Cohen
Director of Technology and Faculty Advisor for Highlites for the last 19 years! A labor of love!
Congrats, Grads!
KYHS Class of 2022 Bids Us Farewell
Graphic by Highlites Staff

This past Wednesday, the class of 2022 celebrated their high school graduation. After four years of hard work, determination, and bonding with each other, they gathered together in front of their friends and family for one last hurrah.

The commencement kicked off with an opening speech by Shimmie Kaminetsky, followed by Dan Katz who spoke about his adventures in Guatemala with this graduating class and how he developed relationships with each of them. Next, Mrs. Kanner shared beautiful words of Torah, and Rabbi Levitt expressed his nachat for the Class of 2022. We then had the privilege of hearing from student representatives Shoshana Stadlan and Naomi Reichenberg. Together they shared memories, experiences, and gratitude to the countless teachers and friends that brought them to this point in their lives.

After that, we watched a video introducing the graduating class and then it was time for the students to get their diplomas. The graduates were called up as a video slideshow of various teachers complimenting the students’ hard work over their years of high school played behind them. One by one they walked up to the stage to receive their diplomas, some gracefully and some not so much.

The ceremony ended as the students flipped their tassels, representing their shift from high school student to high school graduate. This was a beautiful way to end off four long years of dedication and time well spent. Mazel Tov to the graduating class and may their families continue to receive much nachat from them!

Click Here for Pictures of the Event
Click Here for pictures of Students with Diplomas
Click Here for Graduation Intro
Click Here for the Event Video

Group Videos:
Group 1: Agajan-Deakter
Group 2: Edidin-Hadar
Group 3: Halpert-Loberfeld
Group 4: Lome-Rubinstein
Group 5 Rudensky-Zlikha

Article by Atara Keehn ('23)
Senior Trip
Graduates Get a Taste of Guatemala
Before They Say Goodbye
Graphic by Highlites Staff
Upon graduating this past Wednesday night, the seniors have been reflecting on our time spent at KYHS, all of the beautiful memories and incredible experiences that the school has provided us with. If there was one way to end this unique chapter of our lives, a trip to Guatemala for the Senior Trip was a wonderful way to do so. Before going on the trip, what we knew was that the third-world Central American country is extremely pro-Israel, voting in the UN in 1947 in favor of Israel, and then moving their embassy to Jerusalem in 2018, the second country after the U.S. As Mr. Katz explained to us, we were going to express our deep hakarat hatov to the country for all that they have done for our beloved State of Israel. When we arrived, as we drove through the streets of Guatemala, we saw the Israeli flag, waving at the high elevation of the scenic country. While the love and support of Israel felt by the Guatemalans was a beautiful aspect, it was not the only thing that made the trip the incredible experience that it was. Our trip to Guatemala was jam-packed with loads of fun, spirituality, and moments that forever altered our outlook on life. 

On the first day in Guatemala, following a delicious meal at the Chabad of Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala, the seniors made their way to a school that was in need of a new coat of paint. Everyone had fun painting the walls together with their friends, laughing, singing and dancing through the process. When we left, the school had new white and blue painted walls, which will hopefully enhance the experience of the Guatemalan children who attend there. This first activity of the trip, a beautiful chesed, set the tone for the rest of the trip, which was infused with an atmosphere of kindness, in which everyone was looking to help other people. On several occasions throughout the trip, seniors who saw hungry people around us decided to give their extra food to the Guatemalans. The smiles that a simple apple or sandwich put on the individuals’ faces made us recognize how lucky we must feel to have all of the things that we do. We learnt that we must not take even our basic necessities for granted, as we watched what it is like for people to live without the bare minimum. As Shoshana Stadlan said at the graduation, a core Torah value was emphasized within each and everyone of us on this trip--אֵיזֶהוּ עָשִׁיר, הַשָּׂמֵחַ בְּחֶלְקוֹ, Who is the rich one? He who is happy with his lot. 

Much of the meaningful aspects of the trip were not experienced as a separate entity, rather they were woven into all of the hours of fun that we had each day. On the second day, the seniors prepared to hike Volcano Pacaya, a volcano that had erupted in 2021, allowing us to see lava rocks, an experience like no other. Because there are signs and ways to tell when a volcano is going to erupt, it was safe for us to hike the rocky terrain (so don’t worry), all the way up this beautiful spot in nature. Following the hike, everyone felt a sense of accomplishment and was happy that they had the experience, despite many charlie horse legs. The next day, the boys went ATVing around Guatemala, an incredible activity filled with lots of fun, and the girls went repelling down a beautiful waterfall, as their friends cheered them on from below. Both groups came back to the hotel, our favorite Hotel Panchoy, with laughable stories and long lasting memories. The following day, the last full day of the trip, each group participated in the activity that the other did the day before. These adventurous activities provided the seniors and chaperones with once in a lifetime experiences. 

An article about our Senior Trip could not end without talking about the beautiful Chabad home in Antigua that welcomed us for breakfast each morning, and dinner each night. Not only was the food delicious, but the love and warmth that the Rabbi and Rebetzin provided us with made us feel so welcomed, and really at home. Each night, we had an experience at the Chabad which elevated the moment to something way greater than just a Kosher meal to eat. One night, we heard from a group of Guatemalan families who decided to convert to Judaism--an intriguing and inspirational story which made a large impact on all of us. Another night, we had a blast singing and dancing while being entertained by a group of Guatemalan scouts, who performed for us. Finally, on the last night, we had the privilege of hearing from a woman and her daughter who told us her story of her journey joining what many call a cult, Lev Tahor, and eventually having the courage to leave. We were all amazed by her strength in telling us her story, something which she had never before done for a group as large as ours. Upon leaving Guatemala, many were in tears as we ended not only our five day trip, but the entire chapter of our lives spent at KYHS. Thank you to everyone who helped in making this trip the most amazing week of our lives, specifically Mr. Katz who spent much time and energy in planning the incredible senior trip. We will all remember this trip for the rest of our lives! 

Click Here for Pictures of the Trip
Click Here for the Video Star created by Avigayil Frisch ('22)

Article by Rebecca Henner ('22)
Senior Dinner 
KYHS Senior Class Enjoys a Night of Fun with Teachers, Yearbooks, and a Video!
Graphic by Highlites Staff

Since freshman year, our class has always looked forward to senior dinner. We would watch all of the seniors get dressed and have a beautiful dinner. Finally, it was our turn. With our impending graduation, we were thrilled to be able to experience one last dinner as a class with all of our teachers. As a class we are aware of the hard work our teachers put in to us and we appreciated every one of them that came to our dinner. 

We got dressed up, ate amazing food, played a grade-wide game, and finally received our yearbooks. We watched our senior video, which was executed impeccably, and everyone left the room laughing. The class enjoyed watching all of our inside jokes and memories on the screen.

The yearbooks are AMAZING (thank you Molly, Rebecca, and Chana). All of our classmates and teachers signed each other’s yearbooks, leaving words of encouragement, memories, and sending messages of love.

The night marked the end of our high school experience in the KYHS building. It was bittersweet- we will always miss our experience as high schoolers but we know that as we embark on our lifelong journey to grow we will always be a part of KYHS.

Mazal Tov classmates - Hatzlacha Rabah in everything!

Click Here for Pictures of the Dinner
Click Here for the Senior Video

Article by Shayla Saida ('22)
Up Next: College!
Seniors Get Accepted to Top Schools
as They Head Into Their Futures
Graphic by Highlites Staff

To the Class of 2022:

Congratulations on your graduation, and on achieving this monumental milestone in your journey!

After months of hard work completing college applications, writing and rewriting essays, taking and retaking standardized testing, and making your final decisions, you're on your way! The colleges to which you have committed are lucky to have you, and we are certain that you will enhance their campuses while reaping the rewards of a quality educational atmosphere. Mazel tov on a job well done!

Remember, as you go forth into the world, following whatever path you have chosen to walk, that the lessons and experiences that you have gathered are there to help you along the way. They can serve as reflections, and as directions, to help smooth the path ahead. The drive, however, and the energy that keeps you going, comes from within you. You have your future in your hands, and can make it whatever you choose.

We wish you luck in your endeavors, and anticipate hearing about all you will accomplish as you each walk towards whatever goals and destinations await you!

Your College Guidance Team

Class of 2022 Acceptances:

Arizona State University
Bar-Ilan University
CUNY Bernard M Baruch College
Binghamton University
Brandeis University
CUNY Brooklyn College
University of Central Florida
CUNY City College
Columbia University in the City of New York
The City University of New York - CUNY
Drexel University
Emory University (Oxford College)
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida International University
Florida State University
University of Florida
George Mason University
George Washington University
Hofstra University
CUNY Hunter College
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
LIM College
List College - JTS
Long Island University
Lynn University
University of Maryland-College Park
University of Miami
Michigan State University
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
New York University
Northeastern University
Nova Southeastern University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Palm Beach State College
CUNY Queens College
Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Santa Fe College
University of South Florida-Main Campus
College of Staten Island CUNY
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
The New School
Touro College
Tulane University of Louisiana
University of Vermont
Washington University in St Louis
Yeshiva University

Article by the College Guidance Counselors
Highlites Staff