In our third century serving Lutheran congregations in Texas.
APRIL 2017
Trinity Klein Undergoes Major Expansion to
Meet Needs of Burgeoning Houston Suburb

Trinity Klein Lutheran Church in Spring, Texas, first opened its doors in 1874, when the town was a quiet little hamlet – it had just opened a post office, had just been reached by the railroad, and had only two other churches. Spring is now a bustling northern suburb of Houston; recent decades have brought tens of thousands of new families to the area. 

As the congregation has expanded rapidly, the need for space has as well, particularly space to serve the needs of younger families. Thanks to generous gifts from the congregation and community, in 2001 the church built a 42,000 square foot Family Life Center, and in 2008 added a 1,300-seat sanctuary. Then, in July of last year, Trinity Klein began another major construction project that is currently underway...

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SHOWN ABOVE: Pastor John Davenport of Zion Lutheran in Walburg this past Sunday baptizing Nixon Hadja, the newest member of the Zion family. During the service Bill Siegrist, CEF Director of Marketing and Training, delivered a message about the Reformation Note. After the service, congregation rep Slim Noack signed up new Reformation Note investors. 
St. John’s Works Together to 
Rebuild Its Congregation

When Pastor Seth Davidson accepted the call to shepherd St. John Lutheran Church, he found a salt-of-the-earth community that needed a little TLC. Housed in Athens – a town of 12,000 a little more than an hour southeast of Dallas – the congregation as a whole was aging and had facilities badly in need of repair.

Flooding in May 2015 had wreaked havoc on the all-purpose facility connected to the main church building. A full repair would have cost $65,000, seemingly more than a small congregation could handle....

Pastor Seth and Sarah Davidson
Confirmation students have pitched in by helping to paint the new building.
Current CEF Building Projects
The Family of Faith in central Houston plans to begin construction on its new preschool in late May or early June.

Memorial Lutheran in Katy is putting up scaffolding and will soon begin bricking this new building as well as an adjacent structure. For more than 15 years, the congregation has wanted to tie together their campus by adding a brick facade to their four buildings, so this is an exciting development!

LifeBridge Church in Cypress is building its first-ever dedicated facility. Up to now, they have been holding Sunday services at a neighborhood school.

5 Surprising Reasons Why Teens Should Be a Big Part of Your Church’s Outreach Strategy

Charles Spurgeon once said that if you want to set a house on fire you should start the fire in the basement … because fire burns upward. He was referring to the strategic nature of reaching the poor and broken of a city with the Good News of the Gospel. Spurgeon contended that as the poor of a city were reached that the fire of the Gospel would burn “upward” to the rest of the city. This is one of the reasons why Spurgeon, while still in his early 20s, was pastoring the largest church in England....

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