November / December 2019  
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Third graders from Westerly Creek Elementary School beautifully demonstrated the training they received from Bessie's Hope.  These students and the elders at Balfour Stapleton enchanted each other!
Get your school or youth group involved with relationship-building visits with the elders. The youth gain compassion, respect and empathy--a life-long benefit.   
 Click here for more information on the  Youth and Elders Program 

Co-founder, Sharron Brandrup arranged and orchestrated a day that will live in the hearts and memories of the elders of Cedars Health Care Center forever. Elders from nearby Bethany Health and Rehab Center were also invited.
The dining room at Cedars was transformed into a casino with slot machines, Roulette, Black Jack, professional dealers, catered buffet lunch, music, and laughter and cheering.  
Ms Brandrup seemed to have a problem with the idea that some elders would win and others lose. Her solution was to have a multitude of gifts from which all of the elders could choose.  All the elders left Casino Day with gifts that would be the tangible reminders of the day.

Smiling bowlers on the Prime Time for Seniors teams!  Check out all the fun photos from three bowling locations for the 16th annual Bowl-a-Rama.
Bowlers from 6 to 90 enjoyed the event. Thank you, Sponsors, Volunteers and Bowlers!   CLICK TO GO TO THE FUN PAGE

Employees of MDC Holdings / Richmond American Homes and the elders in TenderCare at Pinehurst had so much fun together!  This volunteer and elder can be seen dancing on our website! 

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This program was designed for corporate, civic, religious groups. Bessie's Hope provides education, training, scheduling, facilitation, and activity planning for visits with groups of elders.  Corporate Social Responsibility directors, this is an experience that changes lives of all involved.

Sara and Brooklyn Matlock enjoy their first visit with their new "grandfriend."   
Family and Elders Program
the perfect and rewarding volunteer experience for individuals and families.

Become a Bridge Builder, Partner, or Angel of Hope

Your investment remembers the forgotten

Become a Bridge Builder with a monthly donation of any amount and provide Bessie's Hope with continuous, predictable income to support work that builds bridges of compassion, empathy, and respect.  Donate in honor of a loved one, so that you and they will receive a thank you from youth and elders.  
Individuals, families, businesses and community groups who provide annual gifts that sponsor Youth and Elder partnerships. See the  levels for Partners and Angels.
Go online or call Laura 303-830-9457 to set up your monthly donations or to be a Partner or Angel, which can also be through monthly donations.  

Donations Made In Memory / In Honor

In Memory:

Don Johnson
By Pam and Dave Duke
Theodore Kuhlman
By Laura Berens
Don & Ellen Long
By Sheila Long
Barbara Minner
By Deborah Maglio
Kona Powers
By Lori Powers
Dan Sillers
By Iva Lou Bailey
Edith Sloane
By Lisa McFarland
Bernie Ciazza
By Susan Ciazza
Fletcher Walters 
By Dr. Lesley Lefevre & Dr. Joel Peacock
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By Paul Cascio
By Mieko Nakamura
By Sandee Walling
By Jessica Wells
By Robert & Judi Newman
By Lynne Cottrell
By Vickie Dow
Tova Friedman
By Shelley Abadi
Faythe McDonald
By Jean Maguire

Bessie "Granny" Stephens
By Peggy Shelton
Eve Cole
By Jeff Cole
Barbara Wienecke
By Chris Wienecke
Don and Ellen Long
By Sheila Long
George Gelsinon
By Gwen Gelsinon
Alice Cross
By Shirley and James Monley
Grandmas Koppes, Jaspersen, Schaeffer, & Whitbeck
By Schaeffer Family
Lyall and Laurel Dillon
By Dr. Patty Meek

In Honor:

Dema Bailey
By Iva Lou Bailey
Caplan Markley
By Susan Markley
Brenda and Larry Chrisman
By Melissa Nipper
Donald Dougherty, Jr
By Dennis and Kathy Dougherty
LaFawn Biddle
By St Mary's Academy
By Brenda Olson
Jo Hillyer
By Ginny Green
Terri C
By Anonymous
Mark McIntosh
By Kevin and Elizabeth Fraker
Linda Holloway
By Marriott Smart
By Roger Armstrong
By Sandra Doll
Mabel (Woody) Renzetti
By Patricia Renzetti
Peggy Shelton
By Linda Holloway

Marie Torreano
By Virginia "Ginny" Green
Marge Utne
By Marie Torreano
By Chaz Seale
Debbie Aragon
By Peter & Margaret Bernardis
By Carolyn & William Pierini
By Ranae Carpenter
Dianne Bartlett
By LaFawn Biddle
Jan Hammond
By Rosalie Martin
By Jean Sullivan
Arlene Mohler Johnson
By Dr. Larry Spivack & Lisa Williams
By Leo & Susan Kiely
Pat Robinson
By Ernie Blake & Sharon Magness-Blake
By Mike and Stacy Wingfield
By Mrs. Mary McNicholas
By Arlene & Barry Hirschfeld
By Margot Gilbert
By BJ Crooks
By Roger Armstrong
By Anonymous
By Joe Blake
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By Patricia Silverman
Sims and Stohler Families
By Jeffrey Sims

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