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Malissa Stawicki is a passionate leader and successful entrepreneur who follows her curious nature and interests in holistic health modalities. She grew up in Arizona and moved to Europe after graduation from ASU with a bachelor's degree in Photography. She spent the next 17 years in Paris and London, where she founded and published a fashion and art publication called SPOON. This publication became an international success, attracting some of the greatest creative talents and luxury brands. It was later acquired by a lucrative art publishing group and Malissa went on to complete an MBA program at TRIUM, a global executive MBA program ranked amongst the top 5. 

In 2006, she became ill and her wellness journey led her to become an advocate, educator and promoter of alternative medicine, including homeopathy. The Homeopathic Love Story, by Rima Handley continues to be an inspiration for her. 

In 2014, she joined the American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) Board and served for one year. In 2015, she started Natural Medicine and Detox, a holistic clinic in downtown Phoenix together with Dr. Mario Fontes. 

Malissa recently became the Executive Director at CHC and is looking forward to working with the team and helping to grow the organization. As the organization strives to promote qualified homeopaths to the general public, Malissa will contribute her vast experience in content creation, marketing and publishing to enhance certificant’s exposure, making homeopathy more accessible and known to all. 

Malissa happily supports CHC applicants, candidates, and certificants in their efforts to meet and maintain a recognized standard of professional and ethical competence in classical homeopathy.

She welcomes you to reach out to her with requests, questions, or greetings at or 866-242-3399.
Thank You & Farewell

CHC wants to extend our deepest gratitude to Samantha Conboy for her dedication and commitment for making CHC the organization that it is today. During her tenure as president, we have seen a unique stability within our organization. Her warm personality glued all the board members together helping in smooth functioning of CHC. She has  been integral to the important advances we have made, particularly in the areas of building a better platform for examination and re-certification. It is behind-the scene efforts of Samantha that we were able to continue our exams during the pandemic.
It takes a huge commitment and love for advancement of your profession and serving your larger community. We thank Samantha for dedicating her valuable time to volunteering for CHC!! 

We wish her All the best!

Words from Samantha -

"I am so grateful to have been involved with the CHC over the past several years. I enjoyed being President of the CHC and will miss working directly with all of the creative, talented and dedicated members of the Board. I believe the Board has great ideas that will bring more awareness about homeopathy to the world. I know we all want homeopathy to thrive and become a household name. I think the CHC and it’s Board have a great vision on how to make that happen in collaboration with other organizations. My goal was to always leave the CHC a little bit better off than I found it. I think we have accomplished this task and set up a solid foundation for the next generation of leaders to take over where we left off."