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Welcome! President`s Message for March 2017
Certification Minute:
2017 ACF Certification Practical Exams
Test date(s): March 11, 2017 | May 6, 2017
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts / Epicurean Club of Boston
215 1st St, Cambridge, MA 02142-1213
For more info contact Earle M. Test, CEC, CCA -
Written Exams can be completed by appointment
Our Last Meeting!
Hosted by Red`s Best Seafood and "The Grateful Burger "companies. Claude Whiting CEC CRC representing "The Grateful Burger" MC`d the meeting that included a "name that species" quiz that included many whole fish and shellfish items. Educational and fun at the same time. Our meeting was held in a fish filet walk-in cooler that easily accommodated the 50 or so members and guests. Special guests were in attendance from the "Chef`s Table" cooking series that benefits homeless veterans. Click here for their webpage! 
Our Next Meeting!
Will be hosted by Mike Demersky from Boston Showcase in Newton, Mass 
on Monday the 20 
th of March. 
66 Winchester Street,Newton Highlands, MA 02461 
617-965-1100 (Office)
Several members of the board of directors and myself represented the ECB at the regional conference in NYC from Sunday to Tuesday. I was honored with a President's Medallion presented by Tom Macrina CEC CCA AAC for contributing to the betterment of the ACF and our past president and chairman of the board Douglas Patten CEC CCA AAC received an achievement award from the AAC at the Academy dinner on Sunday evening. Chef Michael "Mickey" Beriau CEC AAC won the Northeast Area regional Herman Rusch award . This award, formerly the Hermann G. Rusch Humanitarian Award, honors chefs who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to both ACF and the culinary profession. Such chefs, through their involvement with and contributions to ACF and our craft, have advanced the culinary profession and ensured the enrichment of students, our members and those in the profession. Candidates are worthy of carrying on the proud tradition of the chef for whom this award was named, Hermann G. Rusch, AAC (1907-1997). The ECB also received a chapter recognition award.
I am pleased to announce a new webmaster and ECB newsletter editor Warren Frank. Warren has held these positions previously and anyone that would like to contribute to either publication should reach out to him directly
"Remember it's all about the food!"
Chef Jim
James F Connolly CEC CCA AAC
Certified Executive Chef and Culinary Administrator
Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs
President of the Epicurean Club of Boston

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The ACF / Epicurean Club of Boston 
Monday, March 20th, 2017
 Mike Demersky  Your Host
66 Winchester Street, Newton Highlands, MA 02461
6-7 Ice breaker and social hour
7:00 Meeting 
(Dinner To Follow)
Sr./Jr. 10. Mem 20. Guest 25.

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The  2017
Officers and Board  
James Connolly, CEC, CCA, AAC

Vice President
John DiSessa, CEC, AAC

David Gavin

Douglas Corrigan

Financial Secretary
Rico DiFronzo, CEC, CCA, AAC 

Board of Directors
Rory Gallagher
Anthony M. Graffeo, CEC, AAC, HOF
Denise Graffeo, CEC, AAC
Tom Trump
Christine Frye
Tim Foley
James DiMarzio, CEC, AAC

Chairman of the Board
Douglas C Patten, CEC, CCA, AAC
Sargent At Arms
Nils Ahlin 

By Chef David Gauvin


Chef Douglas Patten, CEC, CCA, AAC
Corporate Executive Chef at Flik International
We all know Chef Patten as a dedicated culinarian.  A true professional in every sense of the word.  As a past president of the Epicurean Club of Boston, he has given every moment possible to this industry we all love.  Chef Patten, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, has spent the last 40 years applying his craft and raising a family that he is truly proud of.  Chef has uncountable accomplishments and earned numerous awards proving his skill.  The most recent addition to this list is an Industry Service Award given to Chef by the American Academy of Chef's during the recently concluded ACF North East Regional Convention in New York City.  Chef Patten's list of accomplishments and awards is too long to detail, but is a testament to his hard work, perseverance and commitment to fellow culinarians. 
We have also watched Chef's personal transformation in which he has taken dedication, hard work and commitment to a whole new level.  Chef has under taken a fitness and diet regiment that in which he has realized the results we see today.  His countless hours at the gym, a 30-day winter running program through all weather and a complete change in eating habits are just some of things he has done to achieve his goals.  Through all of Chef's accomplishments he remains modest and centered, still completely grounded in the principles that got him here.  We are all extremely proud of Doug's professional and personal successes.  Chef has set the bar very high and has lead us all with the best possible example we have ever seen.  
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