Volume 42 * Issue 7 * January 2015


Beaufort Lions Club Recognizes Peace Poster Winners for 2014-2015


Congratulations Makayla Hollins for winning the 2014-2015 Beaufort Lions Club Peace Poster Contest!  Beaufort Lions Club presented her with a $50.00 check and a certificate on 12/15/14.  Three cheers for a job well done to all that participated!!!

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Change is Not Bad


This is a great time of year for me.  Christmas celebrations, special services, family, food, and football make it great for me.  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and are making wonderful plans for 2015.


The Council's plans for 2015 include a major change in the way the MD Convention in Myrtle Beach from March 27-29, 2015, will be conducted.  The primary reason for the date change is we can have the sitting International President Joe Preston with us.  Making this date change from late April to late March brought about some other questions:  Should we also change the format?  Why?  What can we expect as a result of these changes?  How can we measure those results?  I would like to give my answers to these questions.

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SC Lions 

"HALL OF FAME" Nominations

Nomination Guidelines for the South Carolina Lions Hall of Fame


Each Disrict may select four (4) Lions from its sub-district. The selections shall be made from written nominations received from the clubs of the sub-district.


All nominations must be received by the district chairman no later than January 31stNominations received by the chairman after this date will not be considered.


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SC "LION of YEAR" Nominations
Guidelines for selection of the Lion of the Year.

No individual Lion shall be nominated for the South Carolina Lion of the Year and for induction into the South Carolina Lions Hall of Fame during the same year.


This is official notification that all nominations must be received by the district chairman no later than January 31st. Nominations received by the chairman after this date will not be considered.


91st SC Lions State Convention


Fellow Lions..........Mark your calendars for March 27-29, 2015 for the 91st South Carolina Lions State Convention to be held in Myrtle Beach at the Ocean Dunes Resort on Ocean Blvd.  That is a beautiful time of the year to be at the beach so make your plans to join us.

Council Chair Joe Pitts plus the Council of Governors are planning different activities from previous conventions , especially in the area of training seminars so it will not only be fun to be with your fellow Lions but also informative.  Our special guest will be International President Joe Preston.  What a privilege it will be to meet and hear from Lion Joe.  


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State Convention Registration Form

State Convention Advertising

Multiple District 32 Constitution and Bylaws Revisions

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee for Multiple District 32 were asked by the current Council of Governors to review these documents for consistency with the Lions Clubs International Constitution and Bylaws. The Council also recommended several changes to assist with the operation of our Multiple District. Please read the attached document and be prepared to discuss and adopt these changes at the upcoming MD32 Annual Meeting at the State Convention. 


Order your 2014-2015 Trading Pins
Trading Pins for the 2015 Honolulu Hawaii International Convention have been ordered and will be available the week before the USA/Canada Forum. Please download the your Order Form to place your order. 

Reinventing Your Relationships

Many people sign up for gym memberships in January (the busiest month for initiation in fitness

programs) and make resolutions that "This year will be different!" The truth is that it will be just

like last year unless you change the way you behave and react to your environment.


You may change residences, jobs, churches and civic organizations, but if you continue to act the

way you always have, nothing will change in your life. Wouldn't it be great to really start fresh?


It would be great to develop a plan to interact, sell, serve and work with other people in a way

that brings out the strengths in you and those around you. My friend, David Moore, said, "I

believe everyone's a 10 at something." You can be successful at recognizing the "10" in yourself, your co-workers, clients and customers.


Successful people know their strengths and weaknesses. They understand their reactions to other

people...but most importantly, they are skilled at adapting to others. They know that to work with teams you need to understand individuals.


Sustaining Member and Candy Day Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that the tax year is coming to an end.  We moved the start of the Sustaining Member campaign from October to July this year.  I know that many of you were planning to wait until closer to year's end to make your contribution.

Currently, approximately 16% of South Carolina Lions support the Sustaining Member Program annually.  Our goal this year is to move closer to 50% of SC Lions participating in the program. 

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A Clean Slate...A New Beginning
District 32-A Articles

The New Year is a time of celebration---A Clean Slate---A New Beginning.   It is also a time of reviewing our past year, the joys and the disappointments.  It is a time for setting new goals, and Oh Yes those New Year's Resolutions!


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Spartanburg Lions 

Present Check

The Spartanburg Lions Club presented a check to the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind in December at the annual luncheon sponsored by the Walker Foundation.  The children provided a program of Christmas carols to the club.

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Burroughs Named Spartanburg Lion of the Year

On December 15, Lion Ethan Burroughs was named the 2014 Spartanburg Lions Club, Lion of the Year.  Presenting the award was the 2013 Spartanburg Lions Club Lion of the Year, Don Christian.  



District 32-B Article


We have now left 2014 behind and start a new year.   When I read articles from our 2014 Palmetto Lions, it strengthens my pride to see how Lions have done so much to help so many in our community.   When I read about those that have received surgeries, hearing aids and other help from SCLCS, every Lion should be proud that your contributions have been instrumental in making the life of someone else better.  As I read testimonials by those that have had their eyesight restored through funding from SCLCS, you can't help but become emotional.   We should take a moment to thank the staff at SCLCS for their hard work, especially being able to obtain services at a significantly reduced cost, resulting in more people being helped.  I encourage every Lion to become a "Sustaining Member", ----Today. Read Complete Article 

Candy Day Brunson Style

Children lined up at the Brunson Candy Day sale to get their photos with Leo the Lion.  They also used this opportunity to advertise a few of the other good things they were offering their community.

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January 23-25, 2015

Marriott Courtyard Charleston Summerville

Travel Down Memory Lane with the Former lead singer of Platters, "The Golden Platter", Milton Bullock and MOTOWN By Mary Tate, live at the Summerville Presbyterian Church.

Changing Times

District 32-C Article

"If you don't like something, change it.  If you can't change it, change your attitude," Maya Angelou.  A lot in my life has changed.  Charlie Foster integrated The Citadel and Shannon Faulkner brought in females.  I was shocked to find out Jody Foster and Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) were gay.  Pontiac, Plymouth and Mercury are no more.  We have a black President and female Governor.  I don't recognize most new actors and musicians.  I don't understand texting and tweeter language.  I find that I am sounding more like my father every day. The latest change was brought about Christmas night.  Momma fell and broke her hip and will spend the remainder of her life in a nursing facility. 

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Lions and Leos Make 

Christmas Special

Florence Evening Lions Club and West Florence High School Leos made Christmas very special for 16 children. Each child had breakfast provided by McDonald's, a gift from Santa Claus, who arrived on a fire truck and a $100 shopping spree for items of clothing.

Little River Vision Screening

Little River Lions Club members participated in the eye/hearing screening of 331 children at the North Myrtle Beach Middle School and 251 third and fifth graders at the Waterway School over a two day period. Lions Ben, Judy, Larry Braham, RN Jane Escott, RN Tammy Fisher, IPDG Randy, Lions Gary and Dalphon pictured at the finish.


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Lions Deliver Holiday Meals

About 100 Florence area families had a better Christmas dinner than they might have had thanks to the Florence Lion's Club. As part of the club's Goodfellas project, Lions loaded their cars and delivered two bags of food for each recipient. In the bags were breakfast items along with ham, the fixings for soup, rice, bread and other staples. 


Get out your 2015 calendar, turn to February 2015.  Notice the Super Bowl XLIX will be history on the 1st, the Ground Hog will not see his shadow on the 2nd, and to remember your sweetheart on the 14th, in a very special way, mark your calendar to attend the 32C Mid-Winter Convention at the beach for that weekend.

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What Does It Really Mean 

to be a Lion?

District 32-D Articles

In case you missed it, that was the title of a short article in the June addition of the Lions Magazine, written by Lion Dane LaJoye, the Managing Editor. In the article, Lion Dane helped us look at what being a Lion is really all about. She tells the story of one person (not necessarily a Lion) "paying it forward" in helping a complete stranger with a real life problem. Lion Dane also makes mention of that "aha" moment, when a member of the Lions Club actually experiences the pleasure of being a Lion!  

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Blythewood Lions and Leo Hosts Breakfast with Santa

The Blythewood High School Leos pitched in to help the Blythewood Lions host the annual Breakfast with Santa (and Mrs. Claus) during holiday festivities.     

Blythewood Lions Excepts 

"Ask One" Challenge

Lions - We need to grow.   From the International President to our very own, DG Rick Pressly, we have been asked to "Ask One" and add more hands for service.   At the annual club Christmas Party, the Blythewood Lions proudly welcomed two new lions.  Victoria Dixon-Mokeba, sponsored by Lion Rhett Hair, and Bryon Hurt, sponsored by Lion Bob Cox,  were inducted by Past District Governor Barbara Beckham.   

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District 32-D Constitution and

Bylaws Revisions

The Constitution and Bylaws for District 32-D were last updated and adopted in February of 2004. Since that time the LCI Constitution and Bylaws have been updated multiple times requiring a complete revision to the District 32-D C&BL. The attached copy is presented by the commitee for adoption at the upcoming Distict 32-D Convention. Please read and be prepared to discuss and vote on their adoption.  

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District 32-D Mid-Winter Convention
District 32-D will hold it's Annual Convention on February 27 and 28, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Columbiana. The weekend will be filled with Fun, Fellowship, Educational Seminars and of course a few Business Meetings. Friday evening events will be very relaxing and most enjoyable. Plan to come join in the fun!

SC Lions Multiple District 32
866-32-LIONS * www.sclions.org

"WE SERVE" the vision and hearing needs of 
South Carolina residents.


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