Warmest Wishes for a blessed and joyful holiday.
BICKFORD & COVINGTON 2016 EVENTS coming your way!
We are feeling super JOYFUL and wanted to share with you some awesome EVENTS coming your way starting January 6th! Please take a moment   (it won't take too long!) ... take a deep breath...and READ all about it!

  1. WEDNESDAY  nights from  5:00pm to 6:25pm  we offer our  Living-Consciousness Group!
    nights from 5pm to 6pm  (January and February) for one POWERFUL hour of...
(please...note the time!)

Let's start with Wednesday nights!   This is a teaching/discussion group (covering the basics to the advanced concepts) led by Dr. Kurt Bickford following the teachings of Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. David Keirsey and others, which makes-up the ongoing evolving work of Living-Consciousness. 
The format is primarily Q & A whereby we learn from each other within the context of a Living-Consciousness understanding, pulling from psychology, temperament, development, consciousness, mystic-understandings, anthropology, history, science, religion/theology, and so much more.

  • If your personal growth has led you to a point where you are feeling alone, different from, or told you've changed...then perhaps a group of like minds, like beings, is just what you've been looking for. 
  • If you are seeking a boost to your own personal growth and development in the New Year, then perhaps this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.  Take the first step and invest in yourself and watch your life and world around you transform towards the very things you've always said you wanted...happiness, peace, serenity, bliss, love, power...
  • Experience the energy of a group of people all seeking higher states of consciousness....experience the energy of releasing egoic-ties and tethers and the movement of freedom from such.
Perhaps it is time to invest in the one place that will return dividends for the remainder of your life...invest in yourself/Self.                                            ALL are WELCOME!

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(psst.... there's a special pricing if you register before December 23rd!)**
WHEN? Wednesday evenings from 5:00-6:25pm

Now we have even more exciting news...
How about a  
NEW type of class?  
A hour-power-shot every week for 8 weeks
teaching from basic to advanced
 concepts of  ...
 Join in on an active, engaging and thoughtful learning on how we can show up more consciously as we influence and guide the young people in our lives.   Thursday nights (January and February) for one POWERFUL hour: 5pm-6pm

An eight-week course in Living-Consciousness Parenting will teach the basic information for parenting in a way that allows for the utmost growth and development of both parent and child.  This leads to improved relationships between parent and child, freeing both from the dynamic of control and right-wrong interactions leading to adversarial relationships.  Through learning and discussing key concepts participants will gain invaluable knowledge about human growth and development, as well as discussing practical applications thereby making the complexity associated with parenting more understandable, and therefore allowing for the transition to parenting that works for both parent and child.   
  • Did you know that each person has their very own temperament (personality + character) genetically encoded and present at birth?
  • Did you know that there is a natural progression to development that all individuals go through?
  • Were you aware that the most important variable in child development is the role of the parent(s).
  • Did you know that how the child is treated during the first decade of life sets the life-script of the life time.
  • Were you aware that children have a built-in sense of right-wrong?
These topics and so much more will be covered over the eight-week period.  This is a course for:
  • parents
  • soon-to-be or wanna-be parents
  • those wanting to understand what happened in their own childhoods.  
  • This course is also for couples who struggle to be united in their parenting ideas, including roles of extended family members.  
  • This is a course for single parents and co-parenting couples. 
  • This is also a course for those who work with children in all settings. 
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8-Week hour-power-shot
January 7th - February 25th
(psst.... there's a special pricing if you register before December 23rd!)**
WHEN? Thursday evenings from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

** Please Note: 12 registrants required to manifest this class      (no sweat!)