This patented technology provides superior reflectivity and unmatched wash durability, 
making Brilliant Color Reflective the first high-brightness color reflective for designers 
who are serious about incorporating visibility and style in the same offering. 

3M Personal Safety Division has launched the 3M Center for Respiratory Protection, 
an online resource that can help companies navigate the requirements of an OSHA 
respiratory protection program.

Proper Training, Clothing Key to Heat, Cold Stress Prevention (3M Safety)

Donald Garvey, construction technical specialist at 3M, spoke about the importance 
of protecting workers against heat and cold stress at Safety 2016.

The two biggest trends in CPC at the moment are multi-threat protection in a single 
garment, which can help increase worker safety and comfort by limiting the number of 
garments they have to don, and products designed to enhance worker comfort, thus 
encouraging employees to properly and consistently use the provided equipment.

The Right Tools for the Right Job (Ansell, MCR Safety, Protective Industrial Products, 
DSM Dyneema)

Even people who should know better are not immune to making bad safety choices 
when it comes to hand protection.

Working at Height: Fall Protection Safety Starts with the Correct Equipment 
(Honeywell Industrial Safety)

Tempting as it may seem in the "real world," fall protection choices should never be 
i nfluenced by convenience alone.

UL EHS Sustainability, the industry's leading provider of workplace health, safety, and sustainability solutions, has released UL EHS Sustainability Services, completing the 
component set needed to drive operational discipline and create a culture of safety in the workplace.

Clients and investors are demanding that businesses strive for and achieve zero workplace injuries, according to top corporate executives.

Some key points for businesses to keep an eye on.

Personal Protective Equipment Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2015-2025 
(Report available for purchase)

Key market trends includes customization, fashionable protective equipment like goggles, 
FR, fancy protective footwear etc. 


Congress Sends Mixed Message on OSHA Funding

The Senate appropriations committee, in early June, approved a bipartisan 
Labor/HHS/Education funding bill that would provide $552 million for OSHA; $375 million for MSHA.
In contrast, the House Labor/HHS/Education appropriations subcommittee has floated 
a funding bill that provides only $534 million for OSHA - an $18 million cut. 
The House will not likely vote on this as a stand-alone bill.  The current draft bill is likely to be rolled into an omnibus funding bill that will come up for a vote after the election.  
Text of the legislation is available here, and the committee's summary is available here.
NIOSH Note - the Senate has recommended $335 million for NIOSH, a $5 million cut for the agency.  It's unclear at this point what funding level the House has recommended.

DOL's Tom Perez on the Presidential Ticket?

DOL Secretary Tom Perez is widely recognized and being considered as 
a V P candidate for Hillary Clinton.  In the past, Elizabeth Dole, a former Labor Secretary, 
ran for the GOP presidential nomination, but no other labor secretary has made it 
on to the final party ticket.

The funding will be used for replacement Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 
or "turnout gear" for instructors.

The  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has scheduled an informal stakeholder meeting July 13, 2016, in Washington, D.C. to collect information about 
hazards in the tree-care industry.  The agency will use the information to determine 
the need for a proposed rule to protect workers from fatalities, injuries, and hazards in 
tree care operations.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration has found no  Pattern of Violations 
offenders among the nation's more than 13,000 mines for the first time since POV 
reforms took effect in 2010, the agency announced June 29.

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A new system that has made significant leaps forward in the field-testing of hearing 
protection has been highly commended for product innovation.


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