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Companies for Sale

Pemberton. Smart Cities IoT start-up technology company. New tech for smart cities; smarter, cheaper, more efficient and robust communications. International acceptance with a pending order for >$15M.

Atlantic. Commercial LED lighting fixture company. Unique products offer solutions for commercial and hospitality markets and >40 patents. High recognition company, with a customer list that includes several large, global national accounts.

NOTE: Atlantic is a code name and is NOT in any way related to Atlantic Lighting. We apologize for the confusion.

Somerset. High efficiency optic fixture product line for high mounting applications; 40-100 ft mounting height applications. Entire product line is for sale; with a customer list that includes the world's leading sports and live entertainment company.

Ted Konnerth (of Egret Consulting Group) joins Merrimack Group of Merrimack, NH as a Manager Director.
Merrimack Group is a mergers & acquisitions (M&A) consulting firm; specializing in STEM fields, including lighting, industrial cutting and welding and diagnostics. Merrimack Group has 20 years of M&A experience, with deals ranging from $1 - 333 million. More information about Merrimack Group can be found...

CONGRATULATIONS to the following individual on their promotion:

Erik Crowell - Principal - Niteo Lighting

CONGRATULATIONS to the following individuals on their company move:

David Kaminski - Senior Product Manager - GE Current
John Lane - Engineering Manager - NICOR Lighting
Rinara Reh - Operations Manager - Tempo Automation
Todd Aussem - National Accounts Sales Manager - Halco Lighting
Tuesday McLean - Strategic Account Manager - Cree Lighting

- CRO, Lamps Manufacturer
- VP Engineering, Lighting Fixtures Manufacturer
- CEO, LED Lighting Manufacturer
- CTO, LED Lighting Manufacturer
- CEO, Kiefer Signs
- CEO, Mid-Plains Power
- CIO, Focal Point Lighting
- President, LED Lighting Manufacturer
- VP, Engineering - LED Lighting Manufacturer
- Engineering Director - Cree
- Director of Sales - SloanLED
- Engineering Manager - Cree
- VP of Sales/Marketing - RP Lighting
Ted Konnerth
Board Member, Egret
Managing Director, Merrimack

30 year electrical industry veteran, professional retained recruiter, leadership expert.
Speaker, commentator, writer and consultant to the electrical industry at large.

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