Weekly e-Newsletter | November 1, 2023

Go DBacks! Go DBacks! Go DBacks! Go DBacks!

Reflections from Amy Schwabenlender, CEO

Reflections from the front lines serving people experiencing homelessness, living with conflicted emotions, days with less hours of light, and watching the Diamondbacks in the WORLD SERIES.

It's happening. The movement of unsheltered people around the Human Services Campus (HSC) has increased and will be complete on November 1st. I want to do my very best to share this as information and not solely my opinion.... we all have very mixed emotions about what is happening, the how, and the why. 

The City of Phoenix in response to a court order will have cleared the area of campsites, temporary structures, posts and chains, pets, and people. Signs are posted notifying people that camping is not allowed. The sign states under the City of Phoenix logo: This area is closed to camping to abate a public nuisance. If you are in need of shelter or services, please visit the Brian Garcia Welcome Center at 206 S. 12th Avenue. The Welcome Center is the "front door" to the Human Services Campus.

The HSC Street Outreach team counted 247 unsheltered individuals early this Tuesday morning, while 900+ were sheltered inside of four spaces on the Campus. The last engagement activity is Wednesday morning which will lead to the full neighborhood being posted.

As this effort has sped up over the last two weeks, the neighborhood is eerily vacant of people. It takes a bit of effort for me to recall that in my first days, weeks and months of working at the Campus, there were also no tents. People were not building structures. They did sit, sleep, and linger on the sidewalks. At times the unsheltered count was in the 400s. The population appeared to be more transient, people passed through and away, and possibly back again at a later date. 

With the three year pandemic, HSC's two year zoning case in that timeframe. With the increase in rents and evictions. With the health effects on individuals, the changes in employment, and the lack of wage increases to meet inflationary increases in the costs of living. With all of these dynamics the unsheltered number in the neighborhood grew to over 1,000 people at one point. [Read More...]

Two Volunteer Groups Help Out at the Campus

Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) volunteers completed several projects at the Human Services Campus during its annual Day of Action on Saturday, October 28th, this year’s National Make A Difference Day. Projects included beautification of outdoor client storage containers and building a space-saving shoe storage rack in the donations processing room. Thank you VSUW!

On October 25th, HSC welcomed 24 volunteers from Connections Health Solutions - a community organization dedicated to assisting individuals during and after mental health crises. After a tour of the Campus, this group rolled up their sleeves, helping us to process in-kind donations to free up thousands of much needed emergency supplies. Thank you Connections Health Solutions!

New Episode!

The McQuaid Mission

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On October 5th, AZ Housing Coalition joined HSC and UMOM on the STN stage to discuss how decades-old land ordinances are preventing developers from building affordable housing in the Phoenix metro area. Nicole Newhouse, Executive Director of Arizona Housing Coalition, and Luis Cordova, Senior VP and COO at Rounds Consulting Group, examine the ways their organizations work to change local laws to create equitable housing for everyone in the state.

Also, HSC has a limited number of seats at the STN studio each month. Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend.


Watch Episode 2 of Season 3 Here

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