The Hastings PTSA and SEPTA are co-hosting a virtual forum to help people in the community get the facts about the proposed budget.

During this forum, questions from the community will be answered by District Treasurer Maureen Caraballo, Assistant Superintendent Melissa Szymanski, and Superintendent Dr. Valerie Henning-Piedmonte.  The only way to get the facts is to go to the source!

All questions must be submitted in advance. The PTSA and SEPTA will forward the questions to administrators in advance of the forum to maximize the amount of information shared out to the community. Submit your questions HERE .

In a typical year, schools districts have two chances to pass a budget. Given the timing forced on districts by COVID-19, it appears that districts will not get a second opportunity to pass the budget . Unless Governor Cuomo or the legislature acts, a failed budget vote would likely force the adoption of a contingency budget (a legal term that requires significant additional cuts from the budget). 

In Hastings on Hudson, a contingency budget requires an additional $1.3 million to be reduced from our proposed tax levy by cutting expenditures and/or increasing the appropriated fund balance by decreasing reserves.

Please do not miss this opportunity to get the facts: 
Meeting ID: 752 0263 9708
Password: 4MXXc3  

Make sure your vote counts : absentee Ballots must be mailed to the school district and RECEIVED no later than 5 pm on June 9.  The Board of Education also decided to allow for a drop-box on the day of the vote, which will be located at the main door of the high school. 

Please CLICK THROUGH to read an article that explains this budget vote.
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