Timothy Kwan, Staff Engineer
"What drew me to Civiltec was the location and environment. The office environment is where I can always learn and better myself. The best part about working at Civiltec is the friends that I’ve made working with one another. Everybody has always been super friendly to me, making me feel like a part of the team."
Steven M. Walker, Project Engineer
"I enjoy projects where I act in a role as a technical design leader of a group of younger engineers and designers who are eager to learn. My interests focus on a hands-on design approach as opposed to pure project management."
Sara Canché, Planning Technician
"I had no engineering experience when I started back in 1977, but I learned a few things from some of the engineers that worked there. This was before computers and all the plans were drawn by hand with a Leroy Pen set. I learned how to hand draw on mylar. That was exciting."
We are proud to announce that Octavio Solorza, CPESC, QSD/P, is now a partner and stockholder of the company. The firm was founded in 1986; Octavio joined the team on March 14, 1988. Civiltec is a legacy firm with a focus on internal leadership and ownership transition. We could not be more pleased to see our careful planning come to fruition. We have been very fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated people join our team over the years.
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