Feng Shui Bathrooms and Kitchens
Two rooms in a house hold more water energy than most others - the kitchen and the bathroom. Flowing water is a symbol for wealth. It's also great for the Career gua. Many people have water features at the front entrance of their home or office flowing toward the door to symbolize opportunity flowing to their lives; as did our ancient Feng Shui practitioners who preferred a meandering flowing water source near the front of a structure.

That being said: too much water can lead to disorganization and flooding - while too little can leave you parched and anxious. And then, there's the drains - pulling that wealth out of your life. What to do?

This newsletter issue focuses on tips and ideas for both bathrooms and kitchens - to help you beautify, simplify, balance and Feng Shui these important rooms for any dwelling.
from Julie Schuster, Julie Schuster Design Studio

Bathrooms get a bad rap in Feng Shui; however Julie believes that it's possible to feel fabulous in every space - especially the bathroom. Read how a bathroom can transform into a luxurious, spa-like escape, that supports relaxation and rejuvenates the spirit.
from Laura Cerrano, Feng Shui Manhattan

Read Laura's take on the drain of energy in a Feng Shui bathroom as well as simple tips and ideas to balance the energy and make your bathroom functional, beautiful and uplifting.
Cure the Notorious Bathroom

. Keep the bathroom clean and clutter-free. Clutter clogs energy and pulls down your personal chi.
. Add the wood element to raise the energy and soak up extra water. Bamboo on the back of the toilet lifts the energy with every flush.
. Perform the “sealing of the drains” ceremony in your bathroom (and all the rest of the drains in the home) 
. Keep that toilet seat down. Not just to keep your energy IN the home, but to keep the bacteria OUT. (ew)

Read full article from Nicolette Vajtay, Inspired Living Feng Shui
Be mindful about how to control the downward pull of the toilet, tub/shower, and sink.

. A few healthy plants in a bathroom can help control excess moisture
. Plants also can soften hard edges found on wall corners, cabinets and tub/shower units.
. Prune your plants to control their size and to minimize overgrowth that can block the flow and overcrowd the space

from Jen Stone, Feng Shui by Jen

The flexibility of Feng Shui from perspective to perspective gives us a thrill. Different ways to accomplish a beautiful result. But there are some "myths" floating around about shoulds when it comes to kitchens, and Jen has compiled a terrific list to help you sort through them.
from Ellen Farber, Ellen Farber Strategic Design

Besides balancing the elements, working the bagua, and all the other facets of Feng Shui too complicated to list here - functionality and safety make for great Feng Shui. And nothing says that more than considering the needs of all abilities and barrier-free design.
Kitchen Feng Shui from Judith Wendell, Sacred Currents Feng Shui
From a Feng Shui perspective, the kitchen and specifically the stove, is considered to be of utmost importance for health, safety, and wealth.  

Give the cook the “command.” If a stove is situated on an island and the cook looks out into the kitchen and is able to see all doors and passageways, this is ideal. Most stoves are placed against a wall – remedy by having a mirror or reflective surface on the wall in front of the stove.

Many people say they can’t imagine a mirror at their stove or assume it will break from the heat (not likely). Yet generally, once the mirror has been installed, people are delighted at the amount of space and light that comes into the area. The mirror opens up all the action of the kitchen going on behind your back.

An additional bonus to mirroring the back and/or side of the stove is that the number of burners is “doubled.” This mirror adjustment should be empowered for both protection and for doubling your wealth.
Final Thoughts: The Feng Shui Drop Zone from Tina Falk, VIA Feng Shui School
Often times when we come home, we carry with us a bunch of "crap" that has no place in our home. All that energy has potential to cling to our energetic bodies. So often, we pick up things (energies) here and there and before you know it the house is a mess, the family is sick, everyone is pissy or just plain tired and nothing gets accomplished.

How can a Drop Zone help? Click here to read more about creating your own.
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