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The newsletter we sent yesterday contained an incorrect link.  

See the Action Feature below, "Oppose the Israeli Travel Ban."   The link "Read and sign the statement" leads to a page about anti-BDS legislation, not the travel ban.  This has been corrected so that the link now takes you to the correct page.
August 2017: In this issue:
"Faith Leaders Denounce Israeli Travel Ban"  
Protecting the Right To Boycott 

"A Journey in Solidarity" - I nterview with Rev. John Wagner of UMKR  

Congregational Resources for 2017 World Week for Peace in Palestine Israe
Oppose the Israeli Travel Ban
Human rights activists have been targeted by Israel's 2017 Travel Ban, barring them from entering the region, thereby blocking their contact with those working for human rights in the region and from witnessing the situation on the ground. 
As we reported in July, five faith leaders who have supported BDS were prevented from boarding their flight to Israel's Ben Gurion airport per Israel's instructions to Lufthansa Airlines.
Now faith leaders across the country are opposing this undemocratic and punitive Israeli policy with their public statement:  "Faith Leaders Denounce Israeli Travel Ban."   
Protecting the Right to Boycott 
Across the U.S. this month, members of Congress have been in their states and districts.  
Legislators have been surprised to find they are being vigorously  challenged by constituents who are opposed to the "Israel Anti-Boycott Act" in the House and Senate.

Boycotts are a protected form of speech. These bills seek to penalize Americans' support for boycotts that address violations of Palestinians' human rights. Click below to access Palestine Portal's comprehensive and updated compilation of news, analysis, and actions.
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Resources on Anti-BDS Legislation  

From Palestine Legal, the ACLU, FOSNA, The Faith Forum, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, American Muslims for Paletine, and many others:
» What the current legislation really says.
» Who is challenging these bills. 
» What are the constitutional issues involved. 
» Who in Congress are changing their positions. 
» Opportunities for action to oppose the bills.

 »Tell your legislators you are opposed to these bills.
 » Learn what your church is doing.
A Journey in Solidarity  
In this Palestine Portal interview, Rev. John Wagner, co-chair of United Methodists for Kairos Response, talks about: 
» His personal journey in becoming a church leader for justice in the Holy Land;
»Liberals and conservatives working together;  
» UMKR's growing scope and diversity of actions;  
» 23 regional successes in this past year.  
2017 World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel (WWPPI)   
Sept. 17-24  *  World Council of Churches  *  Global 
The 7th annual WWPPI will unite millions of Christians and partners around the world in learning, praying and acting for a just peace in the Holy Land.  WCC resources include worship material,  the Seek #JusticeAndPeace Campaign, and more. 
Want more options to use for WWPPI? 
In Congregational Life, Palestine Portal has a rich collection of liturgical resources, devotional studies, and many other ways to bring the pursuit of peace and justice for the Holy Land into your congregational life.
» Check out award-winning sermons, including IPMN's Hosanna Preaching Series.
» See the diverse prayers and litanies from Christian denominations and other faith organizations.
» Use these devotional & study materials in your study group.
» Get resources for church seasons: Advent, Lent and Easter.

These inspiring materials can be used throughout the year, whenever you would like to raise awareness about the Holy Land or encourage more learning. 

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