An earlier version of this newsletter incorrectly noted the date of an upcoming County of San Diego CCA Workshop. The workshop will be held April 9.

MARCH 2019
Climate and Energy News  from the San Diego Region

Member News
Oceanside Moves Forward with Climate Action Plan
Oceanside's first CAP went to the city's Planning Commission for review this month.
Cody Hooven received "The Unsung Hero Award" from the Climate Action Campaign.
Mark is a long-time San Diego resident with 30 years of experience in operations and leadership.
Regional News
Climate plans are helping to encourage use of public transportation in San Diego.

M ajor investor-owned utilities now plan to shut off power, even where fire risk is minimal, during red flag weather warnings.

Students in San Diego joined hundreds of thousands of students globally in leaving class to bring awareness to climate change.   
Upcoming Events & Opportunities

San Francisco, April 18

San Diego County Administration Center, April 9

San Diego Public Utilities Department, April 23
Madison, Wisconsin, April 23-25
Long Beach, June 26-27

Funding & Resources
The four priority project types for funding are: Water sustainability improvements, anadromous fish habitat enhancement, wetland restoration, and urban greening. Applications due  April 30

WIFIA is an EPA-led program that provides loans for regionally significant water infrastructure projects. Applications are received on a rolling basis.
Local Viewpoint
by Laura Walsh, Climate Adaptation Program Manager at SDRCC

California is through the drought,  but we're not out of the woods (cactus garden?) yet. March 5th, 2019 was a day to be celebrated - the longest drought in our state's history ended after 376 weeks. And yet according to this map, San Diego is one of a few places in the state that remains 'abnormally dry.'  So rather than breaking out the celebratory water balloons, head out to Anza Borrego to check out the party nature is throwing via a stunning super bloom.

The flip side of the flower fields: Fire managers tell us that plant growth is akin to fire fuel so we should still gear up for an intense fire season. This was a major topic of conversation last week at a meeting of the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Action, of which the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative (SDRCC) is an active member. One major takeaway from the meeting? Wildfire resilience is fast becoming a focus of most climate-focused entities in California.

And speaking of wildfire, SDRCC is exploring this and other climate impacts affecting San Diego by helping to lead a Regional Adaptation Needs Assessment. Over the next few months, we'll be talking with planners and managers throughout San Diego and other parts of the state in order to take the pulse on regional climate adaptation needs.  We hope that through these and other collaborative efforts, we can help support the bloom after every storm.

- Laura W. 
  Laura Walsh is the Climate Adaptation Program Manager at SDRCC

Anza Borrego State Park experiences a super bloom after recent rains.                  (Photo from  The Huffington Post)

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