Shabbat Inspiration, Worship Schedule, and LifeCycle Notices

Thursday, May 4, 2023 / 13 Iyar 5783

Please Note The Correction:

Tonight's Kabbalat Shabbat Service begins at 6:30 pm. We apologize for any confusion.

This past Sunday at Beit Sefer, we had the pleasure of welcoming the non-profit, Violins of Hope into our community. They provided a docent and violinist who brought a violin previously owned by a victim of the Holocaust. This Friday night at services, again, we welcome them into our midst to teach and play for us.

By inviting Violins of Hope to Beth Emet we honor our Jewish heritage. It is a crucial aspect of keeping the tradition alive and ensuring that the stories of those who have come before us are not lost. The violins are not only artifacts of Jewish history but also symbols of hope and resilience. By attending the service this Friday, you can gain a better understanding of the pain, suffering, and determination of the Jewish people during one of the darkest periods of our history.  

By inviting organizations like Violins of Hope to Beth Emet, we partner with dozens of other local congregations and institutions in contributing to the preservation of Jewish history and culture. The violins represent not only the lives of the individual musicians but also the music itself, which is a fundamental aspect of our Jewish identity. Music has the amazing power to unite people and transcend language and cultural barriers. By listening to the violins, we can connect with the Jewish experience and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich and diverse heritage that exists within our community. Additionally, we can help to ensure that the stories of those who suffered during the Holocaust are not forgotten and that the legacy of Jewish culture is preserved for future generations to come.

I hope you will consider attending in person or online so you can witness the power of our legacy through music.

Shabbat Shalom,

Cantor Rabbi Kyle Cotler

Worship Schedule

Friday, May 5

6:30 pm

Kabbalat Shabbat Service and Music and Stories of the Violins of Hope and May Birthday Blessings

In-Person and Virtual

As this is the first Friday of the month, we will be offering a birthday blessing to all our May birthdays! Here's a list of all those who are celebrating!

Violins of Hope is a project of concerts based on a private collection of violins, violas, and cellos, all collected and restored since the end of World War II. You can learn more here.

LiveControl Link

To listen to the service dial 847-869-4230 and press 7

Saturday, May 6

9:15 am

Shabbat Sing-Along with Cantor Cotler


Young Families are invited to Shabbat Sing-Along, with Cantor Cotler, followed by playground fun at Beth Emet. Perfect for families with kids 5 and under. We’ll have shakers, music- makers and bubbles for everyone! 

9:30 am

Kahal Shabbat Morning Service

In-Person and Virtual

Zoom Link

Ph: 312-626-6799 | Meeting ID: 833 6362 0227 | Passcode: 1224

This Shabbat we will be reading: Emor

Torah: Leviticus 21:1-22:16,

p. 819, Follow Along Here

Haftarah: Ezekiel 44:15-31,

p. 846, Follow Along Here

Kahal Potluck Lunch


If you are able to attend on Saturday morning, please consider bringing a vegetarian, nut-free dish or lunch item for all to enjoy. Consider making a donation to offset the cost of the bagels and lox provided by Beth Emet by donating here

Please also take a moment to jot down a list of ingredients that can be displayed with your dish for the benefit of those with food allergies.

Not receiving Kahal email updates? Contact Miriam in our office who can add you to the Kahal Google Group.

LifeCycle Notices

Want to receive lifecycle notices for all births, weddings & death announcements?  

You can sign up for the mailing list through MyBethEmet (our member portal) on your individual page or contact Miriam.


Stephen Engelman died on Sunday, April 30. Steve was the husband of member Betsy Engelman. Read More.

On this Shabbat, we observe the first yahrzeit of:

Elaine Bell, grandmother of Ben Freed and Amy Yulish

Judith Simon Einbinder, sister of Georgia Cohen

Beth Emet relies on fundraising to support nearly 20% of our operating budget: Consider making a donation to Beth Emet in honor of someone special or to honor the memory of a loved one on their yahrzeit. A notification will be sent. Questions? Contact the office


Next Shabbat:

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Honoring Klaus Georg, Beth Emet Choir Director with Festive Sweet Oneg Following Services

Friday, May 12

6:30 pm | In-Person and Virtual

Beth Emet has been lucky to have Klaus Georg as the Choir Director for over 15 years. The Beth Emet Choir will sing a song composed by Klaus himself, and Rabbi London and Cantor Cotler will have the opportunity to honor Klaus for his years of service to the Beth Emet community. Stick around after services to sing the praises for Klaus and the Beth Emet choir and enjoy yummy desserts, courtesy of the multi-talented choir members!

For a Complete Listing of Services and Programs-

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Sunday, May 7

9:00 am

Sunday Morning Minyan

In-Person and Virtual

Join us on Sundays to daven (pray) the weekday Shacharit (morning) service! First-timers are encouraged!

11:00 am

Here All Along Discussion with Rabbi London on Chapter 8: Jewish Holidays and the Power of a Well-Placed Banana


Rabbi London will conclude her Sunday conversations with Chapter 8: Jewish Holidays and the Power of a Well-Placed Banana, from Sarah Hurwitz's book, Here All Along. A great opportunity to contemplate questions about Judaism and explore Jewish identity. The book is accessible and thought-provoking.

Books and bookmarks are available in the front office for anyone who would like one. Babysitting will be provided, advanced registration by Thursday is required.

Mark Your Calendar: Conversation with Sarah Hurwitz, Author of Here All Along on Monday, May 15.

Current COVID Protocols: Masks are recommended, but not required. We ask that whenever you are in the building, we each continue to respect one another’s personal space and comfort levels. Everyone must be up-to-date on their COVID booster shots.

Worship Support

To access worship services virtually, please check the latest info/links on the online calendar. Kabbalat Shabbat services are also posted on Facebook Live and the livestream will include virtual t’filah to follow along with the service.