Volume 111 | January 2019
CORRECTION: The webinar "Become a Whole Grain Guru" will take place on Tuesday, February 12 . A previous version of this email incorrectly stated the day.
Whole Grains & Diabetes
Whether you have diabetes or not, it’s important to make your carbs count. To learn more about whole grains’ relationship with diabetes prevention and management, we caught up with Dr. Philip Scharper, a doctor who was inspired to create a line of whole grain products after working with so many patients with diabetes complications.
Growing Demand for Whole Grains in Latin America
As consumers are becoming more food-conscious and globally-integrated, global trends are catching on more quickly and the movement toward whole grains has been gaining momentum. We’re sharing insights from our Stamped Products Database and from our key contacts in the region.
Plan Your Whole Grain Sampling Day Event for March 27
It’s that time of year again! Maybe you’re running a whole grain food drive or bake sale. Maybe you’re leading volunteer whole grain grocery store tours or giving a presentation at your child’s school. Maybe you’re even uploading a whole grain video to YouTube. Whatever you have in the works, we want to hear about it! Contact [email protected] to learn more, or register your event below.
Switch to Whole Wheat for Better Liver Health
50 overweight middle-aged adults were randomly assigned to a diet with 5 servings of whole wheat foods per day or 5 servings of refined wheat foods per day for 12 weeks. The refined wheat diet significantly increased liver fat, indicating that it may contribute to the development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. On the other hand, the whole wheat diet prevented an increase in liver fat, and better maintained liver health.
Free Webinar: Become a Whole Grain Guru
Earn a free CPE credit when you tune into this webinar on Tuesday, February 12 from 11:00AM-12:00PM CST. Learn communication strategies to help your clients understand the health benefits of whole grains and whole grain foods. This webinar from The Bell Institute will be taught by Oldways Director of Nutrition Kelly Toups, and by Nicola McKeown, PhD, from the Tufts University Center on Aging.
Whole Grain Recipes
This easy, make-ahead breakfast features oats, January’s Whole Grain of the Month.

Recipe courtesy of Ellie Krieger
The secret to this bright and tangy salad is the unusual (but easy to make!) dressing. You can make all sorts of great summer salads with whole grains, vegetables, and a quick dressing.

Recipe courtesy of Sunnyland Mills.
Dried figs are deliciously sweet, and when joined with Turkish apricots, raw walnuts, and cinnamon, this breakfast cereal is given a decidedly Mediterranean flair.

An Oldways recipe, courtesy of Kelly Toups

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN 
Director of Nutrition

Caroline Sluyter
Whole Grains Council Program Director

Abby Clement
Whole Grain Stamp Program Manager