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Dear All,

My most sincere apologies!  I accidentally posted the wrong date for the attorney call with Andrew Campanelli re: getting rid of the First Net military experimentation towers, for you to ask qs about qualifying to be our Northern CA potential plaintiffs and anything else you want to ask him!  The revised date is
NEXT MON., OCT. 26th 6 PM PST!
I do apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you then!  We would have had it sooner but he is out of town next week. 
Also I'd like to retract that City Hearts donated anything to our LA RICS/First Net lawsuit, it was just a private anonymous donor.  My sincere apologies for that snafu as well! 

Here is the below REVISED info from the news letter I sent out yesterday...

Zoom call with attorney, Andrew Campanelli, 6 PM PST, Mon. Eve, Oct. 26th, to:
  • clarify Qs on Northern District Plaintiff requirements re: ADA/Fair Housing Act/5G/small cell
  • answer First Net National 5G, IoT, Military and Surveillance tower roll out qs.,

  • and take your other Qs on 5G/small cells/cell towers

There has been a lot of confusion about what our attorney is looking for in the Plaintiff/s for the suit we must file in the Northern District Court of CA, not to mention the wrench of Covid 19 lock down thrown in.  We wish to clear up the confusion, obtain the best plaintiff we can from the this jurisdiction, file our lawsuit and join any other suits to this one should we have other cases in other CA jurisdictions.  Our lead attorney, Andrew Campanelli has graciously agreed to answer any and all qs pertaining to exactly what we are seeking with regards to our Northern District Plaintiff (30 day shot clock no longer required) and answer  any of your qs on First Net towers and how to take legal action to stop them and any other questions on 5G and wireless infrastructure you might have.   
Please join us on our Zoom video call with  attorney Andrew Campanelli, Mon. evening Oct. 26th @ 6 PM PST. 
Advance registration is mandatory for this meeting, please register here:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  See you then!
Thank you and I hope to see you then!