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Friday, January 20, 2023

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2023 Pledge Campaign

Update Your Contact Info

Save the Date: Annual Meeting

Call for Vestry Nominations

Planned Giving

Birthdays + Anniversaries

Weekly at COS

Morning Glories Bible Study

Tuesdays at 7:00am

(contact the office for information)

Tuesday Morning Prayer

Tuesdays at 10:00am

(in-person or on Zoom)

Morning Prayer Zoom Link

Morning Prayer Bulletin


Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 8:30pm.

Join on Zoom

Meeting ID: 845 9422 2962

Passcode: ebcj68

This Sunday at COS

Sunday, January 22

Third Sunday after the Epiphany

7:45a | 9:00a* | 10:45a*

*these services are also streamed on Facebook or YouTube.

Peter Civetta is preaching and Susan Osborne-Mott is presiding at all services.

Sunday Bulletins Intercession List

Click Here for This Sunday's Readings

Additional Sunday Parking Lurie Children's Hospital at 2515 N Clark Street. Simply keep the parking ticket provided upon entry and pick up a parking voucher from the narthex table to use when you exit.

A Reflection from the Rector

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. He envisioned a world where racism no longer impeded the lives of African Americans who continued to struggle against economic, educational, political, and social pressures, some overt, many deeply imbedded in the normal, everyday aspects of American life. His movement was seen at the time (and even more so now) as...(continue reading by clicking the button below) 

Read the Reflection Here

Annual Meeting

COS' Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 5t starting at noon. This is our official business meeting which includes updates on any projects, presentation of the budget and election of new vestrypersons and diocesan convention delegates. Don't miss this important chance to make your voice heard. You may submit any questions in advance if you wish, by emailing the office before Friday, January 27. Light lunch will be provided.

2023 Annual Pledge Campaign

The 2023 Annual Pledge Campaign begins and ends in January. It's when we, as a community, commit to our mission and ministry with our financial support. Pledging helps us remain strong stewards of our resources by helping us build an accurate financial plan for the year.  Please join us in prayerfully considering and making an annual pledge in support of our shared goals for 2023 and beyond. Pledge forms are available online or in the narthex. If you have any questions, please contact COS Treasurer.  Again, thank you for your support - of all kinds - for Church of Our Saviour!

Update Your Contact Information

Whether you've been a COSer for years or have only recently joined us, we need your contact information! To ensure we have the best way to stay in touch, your most recent information, and accurate records, please take a moment to complete the short contact form on our website.

Even if you think we've already got your information or you don't think your information has changed, please fill out the form again with your most recent information. We are trying to ensure EVERYONE is counted this year, so your response is important! Click here to complete the short contact form.

Call for Vestry Nominations

We are currently preparing the slate of Vestry candidates to be presented at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 5. If you are interested in serving on the Vestry, or know someone who would make a great Vestry member, please email Alice Kovacik and Brandon Cox no later than Friday, January 20.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a wonderful way to leave a legacy that will support the future of Church of Our Saviour and its ministries. Information about planned giving to COS is available on the website. Please contact treasurer@chicagocos.org with any questions.

Birthdays this Week

  • Marit Aurin
  • Alex Aurin
  • Allie Carter
  • Lester Fuwa
  • Alix Schneider
  • Henry Mossa
  • Jay Muller

  • Amy VanStee
  • Will White
  • Hunter Joosten
  • Mary Myers
Need to update your information? Email us to let us know!

THIS SUNDAY -- Religious Life Sunday

January 22

The 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church established Religious Life Sunday, which will take place on the third Sunday after the Epiphany each year.


Read about Religious Life Sunday in an Episcopal News Service story that includes an interview with Br. Will White, CMJ of the Diocese of Chicago.


Find a video and resources at www.religiouslifesunday.org. Email Br. White to learn more.

Register for Winter Talk Livestream

January 21-23

As The Episcopal Church reckons more deeply with its past involvement in Indigenous boarding schools, the Office of Indigenous Ministries invites all Episcopalians to register to watch Winter Talk 2023, an annual conference that highlights Indigenous and Native American traditions and contributions within the church.


The January 21-23 event will be hosted by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Register online to watch the livestream.  

Pre-Lenten Men's Retreat 2023

February 10-11

The 20th Annual Diocesan Pre-Lenten Men’s Retreat will be held at the DeKoven Retreat Center in Racine, Wisconsin from Friday, February 10 to Saturday, February 11. This 24-hour event will be the first in-person Diocesan Men’s Retreat since February 2020, following a two-year break due to COVID.


The retreat will be led by Bishop Whayne Hougland Jr., interim rector of St. Chrysostom’s. The theme of the retreat is “Renewal and New Beginnings.” Find more details and a registration form online.

Upcoming Events with the Sisters of the Cenacle

Christian Meditation - Tuesdays 7pm with Sr. Anelie Arao. Practicing the meditation form taught by Christian meditation pioneer, Fr. John Main, free  

Centering Prayer - Mondays , 10am Facilitated by Jackie Herbach, learn to center through contemplative prayer employing lecio divina and visio divina free

Rediscovering Familiar Prayers: The Our Father & The Merton Prayer - Fr. Patrick Hannon, CSC, a writing professor at the University of Portland, Oregon, who has recently published the book “Such Dizzy Natural Happiness: A Long Loving Look at the Our Father,” and Steven A. Denny, based in Oak Park, Illinois, an ordained minister, lawyer, mediator, and student of Middle-East languages who wrote the book “The Merton Prayer: An Exercise in Authenticity.”February 15 at 7:00pm on Zoom | FREE

To learn more about any of the above programs, please visit https://cenaclesisters.org/ministry/retreats-programs/ for more information.

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