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Friday, November 17, 2023

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Native American Heritage Month

Funeral Watch Party

Pizza | Pew | Pie

Thanksgiving Day Service

House Eucharists

Farewell to the Parish Hall

Special Celebration

Folding Chairs and Tables

Advent Series

Celebrating Brian

CFF Coat Drive

Pop Up Pageant & Other Dates

REVIVE Baskets

Message from the Treasurer

Community Center Update

Update Your Records

Weekly Milestones

Around the Diocese

Weekly at COS

Morning Glories Bible Study

Tuesdays at 7:30am.

(contact the office for information)

Tuesday Morning Prayer

Tuesdays at 10:00am

(in-person or on Zoom)

Morning Prayer Zoom Link

Morning Prayer Bulletin


Sunday evenings at 9:00pm; Monday, and Thursday evenings at 8:30pm.

Join on Zoom

Meeting ID: 836 9272 8376

Passcode: SWgfE1

Weekly Welcome 11/17/2023

This Sunday at COS

Sunday, November 19

Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

7:45a | 9:00a* | 10:45a*

*these services are also streamed on YouTube.

Clare Nolan Long preaches and Susan Osborne-Mott presides at all services this Sunday.

Sunday Bulletins Intercession List

Click Here for This Sunday's Readings

Free Sunday Parking Lurie Children's Hospital at 2515 N Clark Street. Simply keep the parking ticket provided upon entry and pick up a parking voucher from the narthex table to use when you exit.

Weekly Wardens' Hours Brandon Cox (Senior Warden) and Willie Cade (Junior Warden) hold office hours in the Parish Hall between10:10am and 10:45am services. Email Brandon and Willie with questions in advance if possible. All topics are welcome. Unable to join in person? Click here to email Willie to set up a time to zoom.

Native American Heritage Month

For this year's Native American Heritage Month, we at COS are highlighting books by Indigenous Episcopalians to celebrate the longstanding presence and influence of Native Americans throughout the history of The Episcopal Church. To learn more about The Church's Indigenous Ministries, click here. To get learn more and get involved locally, contact Chicago's American Indian Center.

The Episcopal Church's repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery in 2016 began the process of exposing the historical reality and impact of the Doctrine of Discovery and eliminating its presence in its contemporary policies, program and structures within the Church. In keeping with this mission, this week's book seeks to assist each of us as Christians in grappling with the challenging legacy of this doctrine within our faith.

The Land Is Not Empty: Following Jesus in Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery

by Sarah Augustine

In this week's book, Pueblo pastor Sarah Augustine tells us, "what was done in the name of Christ must be undone in the name of Christ."

Don't have time for a book? Read the Becoming Beloved Community Initiative's quick history of the Doctrine of Discovery or watch the Episcopal Church's Indigenous Ministries video about it.

Interested in digging deeper? Join the Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery or reach out to Karen Slimmon about starting a study group about it at COS!

Linda Packard Funeral Watch Party at COS

Gather Together

Anyone interested in watching the live-stream of Linda Packard's funeral on December 2 at 11am is welcome to join a group at COS in the parish hall. Please contact Carol Blendowski for more information. Coffee and donuts provided. 

Pizza | Pew | Pie This Wednesday

Praising God

Relax with fellow COSers, their friends and families, around a simple pizza supper, a ‘house’ Eucharist in the house of God, and then favorite autumn desserts. It all begins in the church at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, November 22.

Thanksgiving Day Service

Praising God

Join us at 10am on Thursday, November 24 for our Thanksgiving Mass! Richard Wendell preaches and presides. 

House Eucharists

Praising God

In the style of the early church COSers have offered to host House Eucharists; gathering in fellowship and with a meal, while celebrating Holy Communion. A few House Eucharists remain, so please reach out to the hosts with remaining seats directly.

Peg and Don Swanton (Kenwood)

11/18/23 | 7 available seats

Contact the Swantons to Inquire.

Salme and Michael Steinberg (Lincoln Park)

12/2/23 | Full

Morag Fullilove (Ravenswood)

12/14/23 | 10 available

Contact Morag to inquire.

Farewell to the Parish Hall

Gather Together

As we prepare for our new Community Center, we must take time to say farewell to our beloved Parish Hall building. This is the oldest building on our campus and has been the center of fellowship, prayer, and ministries for over 160 years. 

Join us at 6pm on Friday, December 1st for a reception, stories, a toast, and more!

Special Celebration for Clifford Swick

Gather Together

On December 3, after the 10:45 service, there will be a special celebration of the new organ and the Clifford Swick bequest and memorial fund to music at COS. His bequest and the gifts of others have made purchase of the new organ possible. Clifford Swick was a gracious parishioner from 1970-2014 whose warmth and hospitality encouraged many newcomers to join the Church of Our Saviour. His 99th birthday would have been on Dec. 3. Note that Clifford’s specialties (Bloody Marys) will be served! 

Folding Chairs and Tables


As we continue to clear out unused items from the undercroft ahead of our construction project, we have set aside a large number of metal folding chairs and several 8-foot wooden folding tables we no longer use. If anyone would be interested in these, or if you know of an organization who might want them, please have them contact the office for details before they are removed. Thank you.

Advent Program: GREGorian Chant

Spiritual Development

COS's Advent program will begin in just a few weeks! This year's program will focus on the psalms, otherwise known as the hymnbook of the Bible. Over the course of the four weeks of Advent you'll learn from COS's own Gregory Peebles about the structure and different kinds of psalms and the various tones regularly used to chant them. By the time Christmas arrives, you'll be ready to:

confidently identify important psalms by "type"

easily identify important psalm tones by "sound"


regularly incorporate sung psalmody into your daily prayer life 

without having to consult any special materials

Join Gregory Thursday evenings this Advent for a program that will be entertaining and informative starting at 6:30pm. The phrase, "The one who sings prays twice", is regularly attributed to Augustine. We think you'll agree after finishing this program! If you're interested, please contact Gregory Peebles.

Celebrating Brian's Ministry at COS

Care for One Another

As Brian's quickly retirement approaches, we at COS are celebrating his tenure in a number of different ways, including:

  • House Eucharists, hosted by COSers
  • The Farewell to the Parish Hall Event, Dec 1
  • Special Receptions Following Sunday Services on Dec 31
  • Schedule a coffee or meal with Brian
  • Contribute to Brian's Retirement Purse (click here)

Click here for all the details.

Care For Friends Coat Drive


As the cold weather approaches, help those in need with a coat donation! From November 5th to December 5th Church of our Savior and Care For Friends will be hosting a coat drive for our neighbors in need. Please consider dropping off any new or lightly used coats to help our friends keep warm during these coming months. This year, CFF is seeking a range of adult and child sizes, since CFF is now hosting new arrivals, many of whom have small children and are from warm weather countries. Coat drop-off will be available at Church of Our Savior (in the narthex) and Church of the Atonement. For more information, please contact the office.

Pop Up Pageant SAVE THE DATE

Christian Formation


  • November 22 -- Pizza | Pew | Pie at 6:30pm
  • November 26 -- No Sunday School
  • December 17 -- Christmas Pageant at 2pm
  • December 24 -- No Sunday School

-- Christmas Eve Services at 4:30pm | 10p

  • December 25 -- Christmas Day Service at 10am (with music)
  • December 31 -- No Sunday School
  • January 7 -- Sunday School Resumes 

REVIVE Christmas Baskets


Click here to register to volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer with other COSers, please contact Karen Slimmon.

A Message from the COS Treasurer


Thank you to all of our congregants who have made ongoing pledge payments this year. Our receipts have remained strong allowing for us to keep current on all obligations. 


For those who still have pledge balances remaining, we welcome funds in several easy ways: cash, check, Vanco online payments (ACH - no fee reductions, Credit Card - 3% fee reduction). We also can receive investments directly into our Fidelity account (changed this year) - for those who want to take advantage of additional tax benefits (including qualified charitable distributions - in concert with RMDs). Please let Rich Gray or the office know if you have any questions.

Community Center Construction Update

Capital Campaign to Replace the Parish Hall

We have passed an important milestone, as our drawings have been submitted to the city’s Zoning department. In fact, they are posted on the bulletin board in the parish hall for all to see. We expect that we will need to get approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), and we will continue to submit all the information required to the city until we get final permit approval. We remain on track with our schedule due to the hard dedicated work of many members of the parish. As always, you are welcome to bring your specific questions to our Warden Open Office Hours on Sundays from 10-10:45am.

Responding to the Crisis in the Middle East

Participating in the Larger Church

On November 7, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry issued a statement calling for the end of killing in Gaza.


"Today I raise my voice for love because more than 10,000 people have died in Gaza, including more than 4,000 children. The violence is horrific, and the geopolitics are complex, but my call to love is simple: Stop the killing. Stop all of it. Stop it today."


He also urged Episcopalians to call on government leaders to address the ongoing violence.


"We must stop the next 10,000 from being killed. As Episcopalians, we must call upon our leaders — President Biden, members of Congress, and others — to be unequivocal that we need to stop the killing. Today. This is clearly what love demands of us."

Click to read Bishop Curry's full statement, to donate to Episcopal Relief and Development's Middle East Fund, to contact your congressional representatives, or to read through statements from faith leaders, prayers for the conflict, and other partner resources.

Update Your COS Records


As we prepare for an interim priest upon Brian’s retirement and the search and call for a new rector, it will be critical to communicate with all members of the COS family. For this reason, we are leading an effort to update our contact information with members, alumni, and friends of COS. Please help us by either completing the contact form online at https://www.chicagocos.org/contact-form or reaching out to us by email directly at office@chicagocos.org

Milestones this Coming Week


Jason Hinton, Andrew Baasen, Zola Lowrey, Toby Roberts, Betsy Sharpe, Alicia Cobbold, Stephanie Price, David Wood, Ingrid Burnett, Paul Cade, Anca Stan, Rick Bayless, Emily Breitenecker, Benjamin Hill, Jake Townsend, and Denise Olsen


Carol & Larry Poston

Need to update your information? Email us to let us know!

Around the Diocese

New Life in a Resurrected Body

While the Sanctuary Task Force of the Diocese of Chicago continues its efforts to support the more than 5,000 vulnerable asylum seekers who have been brought to the Chicago area over the past 13 months, the Rev. Sandra Castillo wants people of faith to call on their government officials to take action.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that is as serious and as life-threatening as any other crisis or natural disaster to which the federal government, including FEMA and other agencies, immediately respond,” Castillo said.


Read the Task Force's call to action.

William Ferris Chorale

Join William Ferris Chorale for their 51st season: be curious! Featuring works by local composers Adore Alexander, Augusta Read Thomas, and Ayanna Woods as well as performances of David Lang's Pulitzer-prize winning the little match girl passion, Shara Nova's Carols after a Plague, and Joby Talbot's Path of Miracles, WFC's 51st season invites audiences to explore the vast and exciting landscape of choral music being written and performed today. 


Celebrate the legacy of William Ferris and his commitment to music written by living composers at I wonder, I wander on December 1, we must listen on February 24 and Path of Miracles on May 4th. 


Church of our Savior parishioners can save 30% on their ticket purchases all season long using the code COSWFC30 [case sensitive] when applied at check out. Celebrate the legacy of COS's former Music Director, William Ferris and the 50-year legacy of the William Ferris Chorale this season!


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