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AUG 2020
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Pastor Andy Writes... Truth
Pastor Andy Keltner
Election years are challenging times to sort out what is truth. Add to this year pandemic news and an unlimited access to multiple news sources I find myself asking, who is telling the truth? John in his gospel and his epistle talks about an absolute truth.

John shares Jesus testifying that he is the truth.

"Jesus said to him, "I am the way,
and the truth, and the life. No one 
comes to the Father except through me." 
(John 14:6) 

Jesus testifies that to know Him as Lord is to know the truth. 
"Now they know that everything that 
you have given me is from you. For I 
have given them the words that you 
gave me, and they have received them 
and have come to know in truth that I 
came from you; and they have believed 
that you sent me. I am praying for them. 
I am not praying for the world but for 
those whom you have given me, for they
are yours." 
(John 17:7-9) 

The truth is the God who made the heavens and earth loves us so much he sent His Son to suffer and die for our sins. Jesus is the only way of salvation.

There are many in our world who object to the fact that there is an absolute truth. They also object to the fact that there is only one way to be saved. Even if people object to this, it does not make it any less true. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. God's word is true. 

"So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed
 him, "If you abide in my word, you are truly 
my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, 
and the truth will set you free." 
(John 8:31-32)

We are bombarded with so much information daily it is hard to know what is true and what is false. Another phenomenon that happens is a grain of truth can be spun into a mountainous catastrophe. The way the truth is spun can have a positive or negative impact on the hearer. A truth can be interpreted in a manner that effects the hearer. The desired response by the hearer can be shaped by the way the message is presented.

What is truth?

We believe teach and confess that the only place we can fine the truth is in Christ and Christ alone. Christ is revealed to us in the inspired, inerrant, Word of God. God has given us His truth in Scripture. The words of Scripture have been given us to make us wise unto salvation. This is the empirical truth.

If you notice the Scripture I have referenced comes from the Gospel of John. In John's epistle he gives us an important truth. 

"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with
you and that you may be in good health, 
as it goes well with your soul. For I rejoiced 
greatly when the brothers came and testified 
to your truth, as indeed you are walking in 
the truth. I have no greater joy than to hear 
that my children are walking in the truth." 
(3 John vs. 2-4) 

John commends Gaius because the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord is his truth. Gaius testifies to this truth. He is faithful to the truth. Gaius owns this truth and walks in this truth.

Jesus Christ is Lord. This is the truth. John commends Gaius because he owns and lives this truth. This is important for us as well. As we are bombarded by falsehoods and exaggerations, we can find comfort, hope, joy, and peace in the truth that we are the beloved children of God. I pray that the truth that you abide in is that, Jesus died for your sins. You are forgiven. You are Loved. We have been given to God. This is the truth.
Scavenger Hunt 2020

Confirmation 411
Confirmation will be starting soon. September 9th to be exact. I'm sure the class of 2021 has been busy studying their Small Catechism and is raring to go! What? They haven't looked at that folder Pastor gave them, since Confirmation went on hiatus?

Don't worry. My two confirmands haven't either. But back to school means back to confirmation too. And we know that just like school, parents are concerned about how confirmation is going to look this year. 
  • To assuage your fears, we will offer virtual lessons, along with socially distant in-person options. 
  • Sanitation of the classroom environment will occur prior to class. 
  • Students will be seated 6' from one another. 
  • Masks should be worn upon arrival and until seated and will be worn at dismissal. 
  • We also encourage students to bring their own water bottles/drinks to class, instead of using the water fountain. 
Your children's physical safety is just as important to us as their spiritual safety. Every precaution will be taken to ensure both. 

Be watching your mail for the "official Confirmation letter" and it will explain everything in greater detail. If you don't receive a letter by August 15th and you are the parent of a 7th or 8th grader, please contact Becca in the office. 
(She probably lost it.)

For any questions about Confirmation or the safety plan call: 913-837-4502.  
The Worship Word--Gratitude    
Council President, Janie Ott
S ince February and the onset of Covid, it hasn't been easy to wake up and be instantly positive. The exclusion from people makes it challenging to journey through our days. We can't enjoy the smile of a stranger due to everyone wearing a mask. At times, I believe we are feeling distanced and the rule of 6 feet contributes to the feeling of distancing. I am a hugger and it is sad not to share hugs.

I challenged myself to wake up and instantly be grateful for one thing. This led to challenging myself to show gratitude verbally through out my day. Gratitude helps people's happiness levels. There is even research to support this.

As a church family, we may forget to express gratitude to one another for a variety of reasons. Maybe we are too busy, or we take for granted acts of kindness. We have so many wonderful people doing wonderful things.

I stopped by the church during the week, to sign a check for Sandra. Richard Fauss was doing yard work in 90-degree weather. He waved and had a smile on his face. We are so grateful we have Richard taking care of our grounds. He does an amazing job and his hard work directly contributes to how we look in the community. The recent A/C project was a big deal for our building. Richard lead the charge in getting us a cool building to worship in. Thank you Richard for all you do for our church. We are grateful for everything you do!

Sandy Barsh sets up communion every week. She orders all the supplies, makes sure all the vessels are stocked and ready for service. Communion is such a meaningful part of worship and Sandy makes this experience wonderful for us. Sandy serves without recognition and she always has a cheerful heart.

I love Ellie! Who isn't just over the moon watching this young lady play the piano for us during services? I love all the songs she plays, and I love her visible testimony to serve God at such a young age. We should delight in this young girl and celebrate her and be grateful we have her.

These are merely three examples of many, many wonderful people we have serving in our church. From the bottom of my heart thank you for making worship so great for all of us.

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the 
will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
Thessalonians 5:18 

For me, I plan to wake up and be grateful every morning for one thing! Today I'm thankful for church and I want to thank all our wonderful people serving in roles that help move our church along.
Scavenger Hunt 2020

Board of Caring 

Becca Burton and Ellen Madrid voiced a willingness to serve our church as the Board of Caring leaders. 
At the last council meeting the council voted to move them into this important role. This is a vital role in our church. Covid 19 has impacted the frequency of our social events however, I know that Becca and Ellen will lead our church and bring forth creative and caring events. Please take time to thank the ladies for serving in this role and we look forward to helping them!
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Counting Our Blessings...  And Giving Thanks!
Many were instrumental this month and deserve our heartfelt thanks.  

To: Everyone that contributed to the AC fund. The second unit will be replaced either the first or second week of August and because of your financial support, we were able to cover the cost of both!  Thank you! 

To: Sandra and Ben Rangel for all of the painting they did in and around the church. You're the best. Thank you!

To: Joe Gregar for fixing the ceiling fan in the church. Wow! That was scary to watch. Thank you for doing that. 

To: Stacy Grove and Jimmy Kalinka for the super fun scavenger hunt. I really, um... I mean MY KIDS really enjoyed it. Thank you! 

To: Glenn Pooler for keeping the grounds looking amazing. It's been hot and you're amazing. Thank you!

To: Richard Fauss for all of the work you've done around the church. Thank you. 

To: Pastor Sweyko for filing in while Pastor Andy and Debbie went on vacation. Thank you.

To: Debbie Keltner for making Pastor take a vacation. He needed it. Thank you!
August Birthdays

08/04  Drake Varns
08/06   Sam Walania
08/07   Lila Marsh
08/08   Alyce Crow
08/11   Cooper McDaniel
08/13   Cindy Karrow
08/16  Jeff Lohse
08/17  John Schlegel
08/18  Jordan Brown
08/19  William Helms
08/20  Cole Mynsted
08/20  Vernon Rausch
08/21  Kathie Kirkpatrick
08/23  Avery graham
08/24  Steele Smith
08/29  David Sharp
08/30  Kate Sweyko
08/31  Marilyn Towne

August Anniversaries

08/14 Tim and Amanda Gregar

In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include:  

Colin Alexander  
Dylan Ash  
Jim Buckman
Garret Cline 
Mark Edgar  
Ray Gigliotti  
Thomas Glick  
Maurissa Glick  
Jeremy Howard  
Zac Howard  
Freddy Hurt  
Greg Jeffrey  
Tyler Jordan  
James Keltner  
Tom Moore  
Rob O'Bannon  
Rob Ortman  
D.J. Weaver

Confirmation SOS
Confirmation begins September 9th and If anyone has any Thrivent dollars just lying around, we'd love for you to pass them along so that we can buy Confirmation supplies. (Supplies will cost $250.) This year's class is the biggest yet and we need to order more Small Catechisms. Please chat with Becca or Pastor if you can help out!
Council Vacancy
The following seat is open on the COS council:
  • Secretary - Due in December
We will take volunteers, recommendations or nominations.

Please contact:  Janie Ott  
     text  or call:  417-499-5160                email:

(You may also contact Becca or Pastor at the COS office.)

God calls us for his service, I would ask you spend time in prayer and if you feel compelled to volunteer, I promise it will be regarding. We don't promise that it is easy, but we promise that it is fulfilling.


Thanks to the generosity of some COS members, and loyal supporters in the community and areas outside of Louisburg, we have raised $2010 for our Meals on Wheels program. It is amazing that, despite having no wonderful dinner or pie auction to enjoy, so many people donated out of the goodness of their hearts. Our Louisburg seniors are truly blessed.

The Meals on Wheels Committee: Beth Ramsey, Richard and Christine Fauss, Don and Linda Newman


Altar Flowers  
08/02 The Rausch Family in celebration of Sam's 8th birthday.
08/09 In honor of Cheryl Brown's 55th Anniversary.
08/16 In celebration of Cindy Karrow's birthday!
08/23 *Open**
08/30 *Open**

Those who have signed up for flowers have two options: 
  1. You can provide you own. They must be at the church before the 8:00 a.m. service.
  2. Sandy can get them for you for $20. (Make checks payable to Sandy Barsh)
Flowers may be taken home after the 10:30 a.m. service. Please return vases to church when flowers are done. You may contact Sandy Barsh at  913-548-9588 for questions or to fill an open date.

***Dates are available. The sign up sheet is located in the Narthex.  

Andy Keltner, Pastor 
5 South 8th Street
Louisburg, KS 66053
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 
10 AM - 2 PM

Worship 8 AM, 10:30 AM, & 7 PM 
Sunday School 9:15 AM -10:15 AM

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If we've missed your birthday or anniversary co ntact COS Office so we can update our records.