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June 2017
Pastor Andy Writes...
Pastor Andy Keltner
Summer Happenings
After prayers, consultations, and consideration, I have decided that we will not have summer Sunday School. Starting June 4 th, we will not have Sunday school.  After looking at the trend for the past few summers our attendance has been spotty and without Paulette Varns, and Gerry and Michelle Eickhoff we would not have had any leadership.  Plans are underway to start Sunday school again with a celebration the first Sunday of September. During the summer stay alert.  We will try to have fellowship breakfasts and special activities during the Sunday School hour.  I am soliciting help for this now. 
VBS will be the week of June 5 th through 8 th.  The theme will be based on the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation.   The title for VBS is "Mighty Fortress:  In Jesus the Victory is Won".  Please register your children and participate in VBS.  Carrie Gregar is the VBS director.
The Meals on Wheels pie Auction will be July 8th.   This event raises funds to support the local "Meals on Wheels".  Talk to Beth Ramsey if you want to help with this event.  Make sure you buy tickets and plan on participating in this event.
Freedom Fest is July 4th.  Fourth of July is on Tuesday this year.  Paul Richards and the Fire Department will prepare an excellent fireworks display.  Earlier in the evening there will be activities at Lewis Young Park.  There is a committee soliciting games and activities for the freedom fest.  The committee is looking for groups to sponsor a game or an activity during freedom fest.  This would be something fun for a group from church to be involved in.

On October 31, 1517 , Luther nailed the 95 Thesis on the Castle church door in Wittenberg, Germany.  This marked the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation.  This year we celebrate the 500 th anniversary of the Reformation.  This summer is a time to plan activities to celebrate the reformation.  There is a Luther play.  We could have a Brat and Beverage feast.  We could have Kert Maul read the 95 Thesis.  There are many things we can do.  I challenge you to come up with ideas and plans to make a celebration happen.  My wife will tell you I am a bad planner.  I really need your help with this.  I think we could do something fun for the church and the community.
Next year, 2018, is the 150th anniversary of the city of Louisburg.  Anyone interested in writing a church history and submitting this to the committee planning for this event?  We have been in the community since 2003.  I ask myself, "If this congregation ceased to exist would it make any difference in the community?"  I would hope the answer would be yes.  I hope we can have a presence in the anniversary booklet and the 150 th celebrations.
There are many opportunities coming up this summer.  Is there anything else you would like to see happen?  I hope you will see these opportunities as times we can witness our faith in this community. These are opportunities to celebrate and share the gifts God has given us.
Pastor Andy
Meals on Wheels Benefit
Meals On Wheels

Christ Our Savior is sponsoring our annual Dinner and Pie Auction to benefit the Meals On Wheels program in Louisburg on Saturday, July 8th. This is our big outreach to the community each year and we ask for your prayers and pies, as well as your attendance, if possible.

The fundraiser will be held at the American Legion John P. Hand Post 250 on 9th Street in Louisburg. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m.


Anyone who would like to donate pie(s) would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Beth Ramsey for further information.


Thank you!


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Vacation Bible School June 5-8!
VBS is just around the corner!  Below is important information to make this year's VBS a huge success.

VBS 2017 is a victory celebration! In Mighty Fortress VBS, your children learn that in Jesus, the victory is won! They'll look into the Bible, God's Holy Word, and explore five Bible accounts about God, our Mighty Fortress, and the victory Jesus has won for us.

Registration is open for ages 4 - 6th grade who will attend VBS from June 5-8th from 6-8 pm.  Come along with us as we sing fun songs, do crazy crafts, eat a yummy dinner, and more. Plus, you'll learn in Jesus, the victory is won! Can't wait to see you there! To register give the form in the bulletin to the church office or call Carrie Gregar at 837-2791.  You can even turn the form in on the 1st night.

Register now for Mighty Fortress Vacation Bible School! Fill out the registration form.  For information, call Carrie Gregar at 837-2791 or (913) 963-2804.

Be part of Mighty Fortress VBS! God's children of all ages will learn that in Jesus, the victory is won at Mighty Fortress VBS. AND, every child will hear the Good News that Jesus, their Savior, has won the victory over sin, death, and the devil and that God gives us that victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! At Mighty Fortress VBS, as VBS staff you can live out the theme "In Jesus, the victory is won" as you share the message and the fun with kids! If you can help full or part time, we have many ways to be involved to suit your schedule and interests. Call Carrie Gregar at 837-2791 or (913) 963-2804], for more information. Join us to see how in Jesus, the victory is won!

We appreciate your prayers for Mighty Fortress, our Vacation Bible School being held on June 5-8. Ask God to bring children to our program so they can know and grow in Jesus, our Savior! Ask God to provide leaders and helpers for this important mission.

COS "You"th Group Family Meetings

Saturday, June 10th from 2:30 p.m. - whenever we finish.
Louisburg Lake ( 287th Street & South Metcalf Road) ; Eickhoff House (30216 New Lancaster Road)
What: Fishing and Kayaking at Louisburg Lake; Hot Dogs and S'mores at Eickhoff's house.
Time: Meet at Lake - Fish/Kayak from 2:30-4:30; Eickhoff House- Pit fire, grill hot dogs and S'mores from 4:45 - ??
Bring: fishing poles/bait, lawn chairs, blankets, side dishes for later at the Eickhoff's (hot dogs, table ware and drinks provided)
   ** Please sign up in the nartex so Gerry and I can plan on how many hotdogs to buy - Thank you!**

Beware of the Flocking!

Flamingo Don't be flocked! Flamingo Alert

Be on the lookout for the flamingos!  We've heard that the flock was making its way back to Louisburg.  So be prepared
If you don't like tacky, pink flamingos invading your yard or you just don't want to be 
Tickled Pink
you can protect yourself by purchasing Anti-Flocking Insurance from one of our trusty youth group insurance agents.  If your yard is invaded, please call our trained de-flockers to handle the situation.  Do not attempt to handle these birds by yourself.   Our trained agents will be available soon in the narthex on Sunday, May 28 and June 4 to answer any questions you may have regarding these pesky birds - how to flock your friends with them, how to prevent being flocked, etc.  Flockings will be scheduled to run from June 5 - June 24 when members of the COS Flamingo Flocking Crew will deliver approximately 10 birds to an unsuspecting lawn where they have been directed to roost for 48 hours.

Be an early bird...reserve your Flocking now!



I was recently updated by Alliance Defending Freedom/ADF on its landmark religious liberty case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) - involving an LC-MS church in Columbia, MO!  The decision will be announced in June, but the oral arguments went extremely well, and though not guaranteed, ADF is praying for a Supreme Court victory, #40!!!  In April, many in the media highlighted the importance of this case, among all those before the Supreme Court.

The case sounds trivial (scrap-tire surfacing material for a church-owned preschool playground, a grant denied by the State of MO), but the implications are huge!!  MO had a grant program to resurface playgrounds and invited nonprofits to apply.  Trinity Lutheran qualified as #5 out of 44, and 16 grants were awarded, but the church's preschool was denied solely because the playground was owned by a church.  MO's attorney took a very hard-line position, no state funds to benefit religious organizations ("Blaine Amendment" still found in many states, "anti-Catholic" law from the 1800's).  ADF stressed that there is no "religious content" to a preschool playground, it is "neutral" - not a case of the state buying Bibles.  [Note: President Thomas Jefferson, the author of his totally perverted "separation of church & state" letter to Baptists in Danbury CT, actually had the U.S. print Bibles for schools, and also fund some missionaries to help Indians!).  ADF noted that "skinned-up knees are just as painful on a church-owned preschool playground surface as on any other playground."  Also, the church's preschool/playground are open to the public.
Two liberal justices voiced concern by the State's position.  What about basic fire and police protection for a church?!!  Conservative Justice Alito asked MO's attorney, "Could the school participate in a program to set up barriers to terrorists, or to recover from a tornado?"  NO!  This case was heard on just the third day of Neill Gorsuch sitting on the bench, and though he did not ask numerous questions (unlike his very first day on the job), he is known to be a very strong proponent of religious liberty.  ADF's two attorneys were extremely well prepared.  No question was asked that they had not already prepared for, and the concluding rebuttal argument was very strong.  From what I learned, I would guess this case will be a 7-2 decision in favor of Trinity Lutheran -- and religious liberty!!  Other states still having a "Blaine Amendment" need to repeal it; it is unconstitutional.  (Ditto for the Federal "Johnson Amendment," meant by LBJ in 1954 to silence churches/pastors on "political" issues/candidates (or risk losing their tax exemption) - which is being targeted by President Trump.)
LOUISBURG'S CASE AT THE 10th FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT.  Here, 3 ½ years ago, late at night (her radio was too loud) a local police officer told an extremely frightened, disabled Catholic lady to prepare to go to jail, to stop her praying (in her home), and also that a copy of the Constitution that she held up "means nothing, it is just a piece of paper."  I wrote about this too in the Feb. Newsletter - extremely disturbing, abuse of religious liberty, and right here!!!   And defended in Federal court by Louisburg!!   The case was heard in March, argued by First (Liberty) Institute, but I was unable to get an update.  (The 10th Circuit is where Justice Gorsuch last served, in Denver.)
Bob Kirkpatrick

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Friends for Christ
Best Choice Labels
Altar Flowers
In the Military
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food_summer.jpg Friends for Christ  

Friends for Christ will meet Saturday, June 3rd at 6 p.m. at the home of Pastor Andy and Debbie Keltner. Grilled hamburgers and fixings will be provided. Bring a dish to share. If you are reading this you are invited. Good food, fellowship and a Bible study.

Save a   Label and help us raise money for our Youth Group!

So far we have 336 labels!
Our goal is 10,000!

Thank you to those who have donated labels so far!

We just need you to save the labels of Best Choice products and we turn them for cash.  Make sure to save the UPC portion (proof of purchase) that says "Best Choice". Our youth group will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC's sent in.  The box in the narthex is to collect the labels.  So please bring in your labels and help us raise some funds!

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is off for the summer and will resume meetings in the fall.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman, 837-5116. 


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Altar Flowers


6/04 The Keltner's celebrating Pastor & Debbie's Anniv
6/11 Steve Edgar celebrating his birthday
6/18 Paul & Linda Richards celebrating Paul's Birthday and their Anniversary
6/25 Walania Family celebrating Nate's birthday

Sign up for flowers in the narthex or call Sandy Barsh at 837-2997.


Bring flowers to church before the 8:00 a.m. service or contact Sandy Barsh to provide the flowers for $20 ( checks payable to Sandy Barsh).  Flowers can be taken home after the 2nd service. Vases should be  returned to church.


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June Education



Evening Bible Study

7:00 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  


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In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include:  

Dylan Ash
Jim Buckman
Mark Edgar
Ray Gigliotti
Thomas Glick
Freddy Hurt
Greg Jeffrey
Lindy Kalinka
James Keltner
Tom Moore
Rob Ortman
Marissa Schaffer

June Anniversaries


6/4    Pastor & Debbie Keltner

6/13  Bill & Heather Smith

6/14  John & Jodie Berve

6/15  Howard & Sharon Meyer

6/18  Joe & Carrie Gregar

6/24  Bill & Sharon Murphy

6/26  Travis & Katie Becker

6/27  Drew & Gentry Harding

6/28  Paul & Linda Richards


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June Birthdays


6/1     Brock Noll

6/2     Emily Helms

6/5     Lois Rausch

6/8     Mark Burton

6/9     Bob Chester

6/9     David Frazier

6/10   Rick Stephens

6/11   Trevin Lohse

6/12   Conlee Hovey

6/13   Steve Edgar

6/14   Brenda Nay

6/15   James Nox

6/15   Nona Knox

6/15   Zach Waite

6/16   Don Newman

6/17   Linda Hash

6/20   Paul Richards

6/20   Tanya Williams

6/21   Bill Murphy

6/22   Cade Holtzen

6/25   Jason Allen

6/25   Luke Roth

6/25   Kelly Stohs

6/25   Nate Walania

6/29   Samuel Potter

6/30   Austin Moore


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