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November 2016
Pastor Andy Writes...
      Pastor Andy Keltner
Learning to Jump

Samurai Jack is a cartoon character.  He has been sent to the future by an evil wizard who seeks to destroy him.  Jack's quest is to return to the past and destroy the evil wizard.   In episode 14 "Jack Learns to Jump Good".    Jack befriends a peaceful tribe of tree dwellers who are constantly on the move to keep away from predatory Gorillas who steal their food.  Jack agrees to teach the tribe to defend themselves in exchange for them teaching him how to fly.  The peaceful tribe informs him that they cannot fly, "they just jump good."  Jack says "teach me to jump good."

The peaceful tribe lashes heavy weights on Jack.   Jack is then expected to keep up with their daily activities.  As Jack progresses the tribe lashes heavier and heavier weights on Jack.  Jack adapts to the heavy weights and is able to run and jump and train with the extra weight.  Then the weights are lifted from Jack.  He is able, because of his increased strength to jump to extraordinary heights.  It is almost as if he is able to fly.

God talks about giving our first fruits in the Bible.  Abel brought his best to God.  Abraham brought his tithe to Melchizedek.   God tells the prophet Malachi to tell the people to test Him with their tithes.  The reference is Malachi chapter 3.  When I talk about a tithe people ask: Is this before or after taxes?  Is this on my gross or my net?  The concern is how can we give ten percent to God and still maintain the lifestyle we have chosen.

God desires we bring our first fruits as worship to him.  When you think about your income and then figure the tithe this seems like a staggering amount.   This is not for those of you who tithe.  Tithing for you it is what you do.  You have always taken a minimum of ten percent off the top and given it to your church.   Dave Ramsey says that if you cannot live on 100% you will not be able to live on 90%.  Those who tithe recognize that all they have is a gift from God.  It is amazing that God lets us keep the majority of his gifts for our own use.      

Learning to tithe is like learning to jump "good".  If you have never tithed it seems like an insurmountable obstacle.  Jack learned to jump by starting with heavier and heavier weights.  He went about his daily tasks and kept adding more and more weight.  When we learn to tithe we start with our first fruits giving.  The first thing we take out of our paycheck is what we give to God.  Each pay period we increase this gift a little at a time.  As we increase the giving the percentage goes up.  Pretty soon we end up at ten percent and we do not even notice the increase.  As Malachi says put God to the test.

We live in world where it seems like we have pockets with holes in them.  (See Haggai 1:6)  The more we make the more we spend.  We never have enough. God tells us, in his Word, that this is because we have forgotten to worship Him.  It helps us to put things in perspective when we practice first fruits giving.  It might be a process to get to the tithe as the minimum of your giving.  It is a good process to start. 

Jack wanted to be free to fly.  He learned to jump, good.   We desire to have proper perspective on money.  We want to enjoy the gifts God gives us.  A good place to start is to learn to tithe.  "Seek first he kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you as well."  (Matthew 6:33) 


Join the Craft Group for another adventure!

The Craft Group had so much fun at the Maple Leaf Festival last month we are planning another road trip before the weather keeps us closer to home.  Join us on Saturday, November 5th , for a trip to Jamesport, MO, Missouri's largest Amish settlement.  We will depart from the church at 8:00 am Saturday morning and enjoy several hours in Jamesport before returning home by the evening.  Jamesport has antique shops, Amish goods, craft stores, furniture, groceries, bakery, flowers and much more!  Contact Cindy Karrow by phone or text at 913-269-935 if you are interested!
Community Thanksgiving Service
Plan now to attend the Community Thanksgiving Service at Faith Chapel , 840 N. Metcalf on Sunday, November 13th at 5:00 p.m.
Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Dinner to be held November 15th 

LHS hosts the annual
Senior Citizens T hanksgiving Dinner
Tuesday, November 15th
Entertainment starts at 12:15 p.m.
Dinner will be served at 12:45 p.m.
Please call the High School
and make reservations by
Friday, November 11

Louisburg High School: 913-837-1720
Advent Dinners
The Christmas season is right around the corner. We will again host a variety of delicious dinners before the Wednesday night Advent Services this year.  Below is the schedule and what will be served.

November 30th
The Craft Group will host a soup and dessert dinner

December 7th
The Meals on Wheels group will host a Pulled Pork dinner
with cheesy corn and dessert

December 14th
Debbie Keltner & Rich Heishman will host a Mexican themed dinner with tacos, enchiladas and dessert

December 21st
Paul Richards will host a Chili and hot dog dinner

Everyone is welcome. The meals will begin at 5:30 followed by the church service at 7:00 pm. Watch the weekly bulletins for menus, sponsors, etc. Thank you so much to all of the groups and individuals who have already volunteered to host meals.  We appreciate it so much!  If you have any questions, please contact Christine Fauss at aunttine01 or 913-645-4003 .

Mark your calendar for the Christmas Craft & Gift Sale

Craft Group is hosting  Girls Night Out with a Twist .  We are hosting a Christmas Craft and Gift sale in the Community Center building beginning Friday Night,  December 9th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Join us to browse the booths for those one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.  We will have hand-made items, home-made food items and representatives from small businesses such as Pampered Chef.  The Twist:  the sale will continue Saturday, December 10th, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m .  We will put the coffee on, come on over and check things out!
If you would like to reserve a booth space, contact Teresa Schlagel at 913-406-1978.
Operation Christmas Child Silver Dollar City

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Potluck Packing Party Challenge

The youth are challenging the congregation to pack 25 shoeboxes.

If the church meets that goal, we will receive 2 tickets to Silver Dollar City. In order to be in the running for these tickets, you must participate in the shoebox packing party on November 13th. Your family's names will be entered in the drawing at the potluck packing party - one entry per family. Sign-ups for the Potluck Meal will be in the narthex. Don't forget to sign-up and let us know what you are bringing to share!

The youth have purchased the shoeboxes. All you have to do is help us collect items to fill the shoeboxes. If your family would like to pack your own shoebox prior to the party to help us add to our total - you are more than welcome to do so. That total will increase our total shoebox number and we may be eligible for another Silver Dollar City Ticket if we pack 50 shoeboxes.

We will be collecting items until Sunday, November 13. Operation Christmas Child pamphlets will be available Sunday, November 6th if you would like to participate. Please consider joining us during National Collection Week Nov. 14-21. The youth group will then deliver the shoeboxes to the drop off site in Louisburg (Faith Chapel) on Monday, November 14 (6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.). During this collection time, we ask you to pray for the people packing the boxes, the volunteers who will be collecting, processing, and delivering the gifts, and for the children receiving them - thank you!

The "You"th say Thank You!
We would like to say "Thank You" to all those who purchase Bierocks from the youth group this year.  Thank you to the Varns and Axman family for donating the hamburger this year for our bierocks - you rock!  Thank you to the Walania family for donating parchment paper and baggies for us!  Thank you to Paulette, Brock, and Drake Varns; Tricia, Nate, Allison and Grace Walania; Micaela Eickhoff; Debbie and Wyatt Axman for waking up early on a Saturday to bake 13 batches (195 bierocks).  We certainly had a fun time making them!  J
"You"th Bonfire and Potluck
COS "YOU"th in grades 6-12 & friends/family
Saturday, Nov. 5th - signup in the narthex
6:00 p.m.
Eickhoff's Home (30216 New Lancaster Road)
What to bring:
Lawn chairs, blankets, your favorite food to share. Also, yourself, friends, and your parents!
A fun time to talk and share with Christian friends.

"You"th Group Meeting
Who: COS "YOU"th in grades 6-12 & friends/family
Date: Sunday, November 13 (Operation Christmas Child Potluck with a twist for us!!)
Time: 11:45 a.m. following the 10:30 a.m. service
Where: COS Basement
What to bring: Thanksgiving Cook-off - See Michelle &/or Gerry for the rules sheet!
Details: December Servant Event - gift wrap presents for congregation - December fun event:  postponed with holidays until January!!  Plan for January Fun Event and January Servant Event.
Save a Label and help us raise money for our youth group!
The Save-A-Label program is an extremely successful program, which helps non-profit organizations raise money. Currently, there are over 13,000 non-profit groups that participate in the program. These groups earn $.03 for each Best Choice UPC symbol redeemed.  It's easy, just save labels for cash.  Just save the labels of Best Choice products. Be sure to save the UPC portion (proof of purchase). Our youth group will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC's sent in.  We will have a box in the narthex to begin collecting the labels within the next few weeks.  So please keep your eyes open for the label box and help us raise some funds!
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Friends for Christ
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Friends for Christ  
Friends For Christ will meet at Pastor Andy and Debbie's house (1507 N. Broadway) at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 5th.

Soups are on the menu - if you don't have a soup recipe then bring a salad, vegetable or dessert to share. If you are reading this you are invited.  Good food, great fellowship and a Bible Study - a great way to end a week in the 'Burg.

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

LWML will hold their regular meeting Monday, November 14th at 7:00pm in the church basement. There will be a Bible study and a short business meeting after the Bible study. All women of the church are members of LWML and welcome to attend all meetings.

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month - Sept. thru May at 7:00pm in the church basement.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman at 837-5116.
Hope to see you there!

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Altar Flowers

11/06  Walania Family celebrating
           Drew & Allison's Birthdays

11/13  Steve Edgar celebrating
           Mark Edgar's Birthday

11/20  Open

11/27  Karrow Family in loving
           memory of Cindy's Mom

Those who have signed up for flowers have two options:
  1. You can provide you own. They must be at the church before the 8:00am service.
  2. Sandy can get them for you. (As of October 1st, I will need to begin charging $20 for flowers.)
Flowers may be taken home after the 10:30am service. Please return vases to church when flowers are done. You may contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 for questions or to fill an open date.

Budget Update 
Expenses as of 10/1/2015
Contributions as of 10/1/2015


November Education



Confirmation Class

6:00 p.m. 

Evening Bible Study

7:00 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.


*During Advent, beginning 11/30, Confirmation class will not meet and Bible Study will begin at 8:00 p.m. following Advent Services.


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Official Acts


October 15, 2016
Megan Seely and Ryan Prothro


In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include:  

Dylan Ash
Jim Buckman
Mark Edgar
Ray Gigliotti
Freddy Hurt
Greg Jeffrey
Lindy Kalinka
James Keltner
Clara Littrell
Tom Moore
Rob Ortman
Kelly Streck

November Anniversaries

Dennis & Gretchen Lee
David & Courtisa Sharp

November Birthdays



Tanner Lee
Teresa Schlegel

Mark Edgar

Drew Walania

Janie Ott

Jamie Waite

Paulette Varns

Allison Walania

Angie Graham

Chalotte Strubbe

Kyle Sharp

Rebecca Burton

Kert Maul

Debi Stephens

Judy Lohse

James Martin
Shae Murphy

Lindy Kalinka

Taj O'Connor

Rick Peek

Grant Stubbe


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