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November 2017
Pastor Andy Writes...
      Pastor Andy Keltner
"He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and treated others with contempt: "Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee, standing by himself, prayed thus: 'God, I thank you that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I get.' But the tax collector, standing far off, would not even lift up his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, 'God, be merciful to me, a sinner!' I tell you, this man went down to his house justified, rather than the other. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted." (Luke 18:9-14)
This is the passage I think should be the basis for our Thanksgiving worship.  It reminds us not to focus on our accomplishments or our good works.  We are to focus solely on the fact that while we were enemies of God, Christ died for us.  God richly and daily provides for all our needs purely out of fatherly divine goodness and mercy.  On Thanksgiving, and daily we should remember that we are God's chosen and redeemed children.  This relationship is something to celebrate and is our reason for thanksgiving.
November is a month when we either focus on stewardship or the last Sundays in the church year.  Stewardship asks these questions:  How are you honoring God with the resources he has given you?  How do you view the gifts God has given you?  What is our reasonable service to God who gives us all things?  How you respond to God is an act of worship.  God invites us to give our first fruits.  We are encouraged to place him first in our lives.  We should admit that if we look at our checkbooks and schedules God is not the first thing.  Sadly, I see that worship of God and giving to his church are things that get pushed aside to make room for other things.  I am humbled that God puts us first.  I am saddened by our response to his precious gifts. 
It is important that we reevaluate our use of time, treasures, and talents.  Dave Ramsey gives this advice in managing our resources.  We should pay God first. Then we should pay ourselves. Whatever is left, we use for day to day living.  The Bible encourages us to give our first fruits as a worship to God.  When Dave Ramsey says pay yourself second, he is talking about saving.  Then he says we need to learn to live within our means and stay out of debt.  This is contrary to what we see in our world.  This is consistent with the teachings of Scripture.
As we look at what God teaches about the last Days he tells us we will face hardships and difficulties.  Paul says that our world is groaning because of sin.  Paul says that all of creation has been subject to frustration.  Christ is the solution to the damning effects of sin on each of us and our world.  That is why as Christians we joyfully anticipate the second coming of Christ when he will establish a new heaven and earth.  As we see the horrific consequences of evil and sin we long for the return of Christ.
Edward Mote in 1834 penned these words that apply to our life today.   "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus' name. On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; all other ground is sinking sand."  Jesus is the reason we live in thankful response. 
Pastor Andy

Reformation Celebration was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who planned, helped set up and clean up, brought food, provided games and prizes, and attended the Reformation Celebration.  Sixty people enjoyed food, fun and fellowship.  Many of us discovered or rediscovered our love for German food.  

I will attempt to list the names of those who helped, but at the end of the evening it seemed like everyone pitched in to clean up!  Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation was a special event that we will remember for a long time.  

Watch for more photos and the wall hanging with all of the hand prints!  

Special thanks to helpers with the event: 
Paulette and Ryan Varns
Michelle and Gerry Eickhoff 
You'th Group
Julie Herl
Gwen LawRance
Christine and Richard Fauss
Teresa and John Schlegel
Tricia, Alison, Grace & Drew Walania
Debbie and Pastor Keltner
Kert Maul
Gloria and Bob Rolofson
Bob Kirkpatrick
Wednesday night Bible Study group
Attendees who pitched in wherever needed

Food contributions were from:

Main Dishes
Brats - Bill Murphy
Hotdogs - Annastasia Muckenthaler/ Buns - Gwen LawRence
Cabbage Rolls - Stacey Roth
Sauerbrauten - Christine Fauss
Bierocks - Kate Sweyko
Schweinbraten (pork roast) - Jeff and Debbie Axmann
Konigsberger Klopse (meatballs in white sauce) - Linda Newman
Side Dishes
German Potato Salad - Teresa Schlegel
Sauerkraut - Gwen LawRence
Soft Pretzels - Annastasia Muckenthaler
Black Bread (Rye) - Beth Ramsey
Fruit - Gloria Rolofson
Applesauce - Cindy Karrow
Bragele (Roasted Potatoes) - Robin MacClaremont
Hard Pretzels and several mustards - Trudy Wimberly
Black Forrest Cake - Julie Herl and Sandy Barsh
Strudel - Sandy Barsh
Dark Chocolate Brownies with Black Cherry Preserves - Christine Fauss
Cheesecake - Annastasia Muckenthaler

Thank you again everyone for everything!

CIndy Karrow and Christine Fauss
Thank you for the generous donations! 
Thank you flower
We would like to say THANK YOU for all of the many donations we received to cover the expenses incurred during the two flooding incidents we had in the basement of our church.  We are so grateful and thankful to announce that we have received enough donations to cover all of the expenses!  Your generosity is a true blessing!  Thank you!

Christ Our Savior Church Council 

Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Dinner to be held November 14th 

LHS hosts the annual
Senior Citizens T hanksgiving Dinner
Tuesday, November 14th
Entertainment starts at 12:15 p.m.
Dinner will be served at 12:45 p.m.
Please call the High School
and make reservations by
Friday, November 10

Louisburg High School: 913-837-1720
Advent Dinners
The Christmas season is right around the corner. The Meals on Wheels group will host a variety of delicious dinners before the Wednesday night Advent Services this year.  Below is the schedule and what they plan to serve.
December 6th
Pulled Pork with side dishes and desserts

December 13th
Brats, Hot Dogs, Mac&Cheese and desserts

December 20th
Spaghetti, side dishes and Desserts

Everyone is welcome! The meals will begin at 5:30 followed by the church service at 7:00 pm.  Thank you so much to the Meals on Wheels group who have already volunteered to host these meals.  We appreciate it so much!  If you have any questions, please contact Christine Fauss at aunttine01 or 913-645-4003 .

Mark your calendar for the Christmas Craft & Gift Sale

Save the date for the December Craft and Gift Sale sponsored by the Craft Group.  We will have new and returning crafters and home-based business owners who offer a wide variety of gift items just in time for Christmas.  Some of the items are one-of-a-kind and there is something for everyone at this event!  It is a great opportunity for those who want to avoid the crowds in the department and discount stores and shop local.
The sale will be one day only on Saturday December 9th from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Christ Our Savior Community Center building.  Watch the December newsletter for a list of participating crafters and vendors.   Let me know if you would like to participate, Cindy Karrow, 913-269-1935 (text or call.) 

We're having a Chili Cook-off and the Congregation is invited!
Attention all cooks!
Cook up your award winning chili recipe, cornbread &/or dessert!

An award will be presented for the
"Best" chili and "Best" cornbread.

Plates, bowls, silverware drinks, cups, and napkins will be provided.

Who: Everyone!
Date: Sunday, November 5th
Time: 11:45 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: COS Basement
What to bring: Your family, award winning pot of chili &/or cornbread &/or dessert.
Details: There are 2 ways to participate
Compete:  Put together a team and take your best shot at winning the Chili cook off. Cost: Free
Consume:  Bring your family and friends after 2nd church service and sample a variety of home-made chili.  You will also cast your vote for the "Best" chili and cornbread.  Cost: $3 donation
Please sign-up on the bulletin board in the narthex so we know who is coming and what you are planning on bringing - chili, cornbread &/or dessert.

After the cook-off we will  discuss our next fundraiser for the National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis in 2019, next servant event, and/or our fun event for December!

COS "You"th Group Caroling/Party/Meeting
Who: COS "YOU"th in grades 6-12 & family
Date: Sunday, December 17th
Time: 11:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Where: COS Basement / Nursing Homes
What to bring: Yourself & your family; your favorite potluck meal to share; a white elephant gift from around your house (preferably!); your singing voice.
Details: Discuss our next FUN event in January and our next fundraiser for Minneapolis!
Please sign-up on the bulletin board in the narthex so we know who is coming and what you are planning on bringing.

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Pastor Andy Writes...
Reformation Celebration
Thank you!
Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Dinner
Advent Dinners
Christmas Craft & Gift Sale
Chili Cook-Off
Youth Group
Friends for Christ
Kansas Youth Gathering
Save a Label
Altar Flowers
Budget Update
Official Acts
In the Military
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Friends for Christ  

Friends For Christ will take a break in November.  Watch the December Newsletters for our plans in December.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Youth Attending the Kansas Youth Gathering

We will be leaving on Friday, November 17 @ 5:00 p.m. from the church and heading to Topeka for the Kansas District Youth Gathering.  We are all excited and can't wait!  We will be there through Sunday, November 19- going to various events, meeting other youth from across the state who shares the same faith as us, and worshiping together as one.  What an experience!  Then we will be heading back after morning church services at the Gathering.  We'll share our experiences with the congregation and others in our youth group once we organize it into a presentation.

Help us raise money for our Youth Group

It's easy, just save Best Choice product labels for cash.  Be sure to save the UPC portion (proof of purchase). Our youth group will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC's sent in.  So far we have only 400 UPC codes.  We will have a box in the narthex to begin collecting the labels within the next few weeks.  So please keep your eyes open for the label box and help us raise some funds! Thank you for your help!
Lutheran Women's Missionary League

LWML will hold their regular meeting Monday, November 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the church basement. There will be a Bible study and a short business meeting after the Bible study. All women of the church are members of LWML and welcome to attend all meetings.

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month - Sept. thru May at 7:00pm in the church basement.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman at 837-5116.
Hope to see you there!

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Altar Flowers

11/05  Walania Family
           Drew & Allison's Birthdays

11/12  Steve Edgar celebrating
           Mark Edgar's Birthday

11/19  Thanksgiving

11/26  Karrow Family in loving
           memory of Cindy's Mom
           Lavina Fry

Please bring flowers to church prior to the 8:00 am service or you may contact Sandy Barsh to provide flowers for $20.  Flowers may be taken home after the 10:30 am service. Please return vases to church when flowers are done. 

You may contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 for questions or to fill an open date.

Budget Update

The 2018 Budget has been approved by the Church Council.  This budget will be presented during the Annual Voter's Meeting taking place at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 3, 2017.  Please make plans to attend this meeting and participate.  If you would like a copy of the budget prior to the voter's meeting, please contact either Cindy Karrow or Don Newman.  Thank you! 


November Education



Confirmation Class

6:00 p.m. 

Evening Bible Study

7:15 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.


*During Advent, beginning 11/22, Confirmation class will not meet and Bible Study will begin at 8:00 p.m. following Advent Services.


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Official Acts


October 1, 2017

Benjamin Thomas Rangel
Brett Matthew Rangel
Jacob Ryan Rangel

Parents: Sandra and Tom Rangel
Sponsors: Carol and Joe Olson

October 8, 2017

Grace Evelyn Owens

Parents: Chad Reed
Sponsors: Doug & Christy Ridgeway

In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include:  

Dylan Ash
Jim Buckman
Mark Edgar
Ray Gigliotti
Thomas Glick
Marissa Glick
Jeremy Howard
Zac Howard
Freddy Hurt
Greg Jeffrey
Tyler Jordan
James Keltner
Tom Moore
Rob O'Bannon
Rob Ortman

November Anniversaries

Dennis & Gretchen Lee
David & Courtisa Sharp
11/30/2013 Paul & Annastasia Muckenthaler

November Birthdays



Tanner Lee
Teresa Schlegel

Mark Edgar

Drew Walania

Owen Marsh

Janie Ott

Jamie Waite

Paulette Varns

Allison Walania

Angie Graham

Chalotte Strubbe

Rebecca Burton

Kert Maul

Debi Stephens

Judy Lohse

James Martin
Shae Murphy

Lindy Kalinka

Taj O'Connor

Rick Peek

Grant Stubbe


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If we've missed your birthday or anniversary co ntact COS Office so we can update our records.