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Worship 8 a.m., 10:30 a.m. & 7 p.m. 
Sunday School 9:15a.m.-10:15a.m.
Pastor Andy Writes...
Pastor Andy Keltner

This is the year of the 500 th anniversary of Luther nailing the 95 Thesis on the Castle Church Door in Wittenberg, Germany.  His desire was to enter dialog with the leadership of the church and work together to reform practices in the Roman Catholic church.  Luther was branded as a heretic and was condemned by the Roman Catholic church.  The result was known as the Lutheran reformation.  Luther was followed by the radical reformers which lead to the formation of Lutheran and Protestant denominations.
To celebrate this anniversary, the LCMS has a host of resources visit:  There are local activities to celebrate the reformation.  We will have a float in the Labor Day parade and on October 21 st we will have a reformation celebration.  There will be a Lutheran Hymn Festival at the Kaufman center on October 15 th.  The reformation has been recognized as one the momentous events in world history.  It is great that we can celebrate our Lutheran Heritage.
Remember confirmation class starts for seventh and eighth graders on September 6 th at 6:00 p.m.  Sunday School classes will start on September 10 th.  This will be preceded by Rally Day on September 3 rd.  Sunday school is for adults and children.  Classes start at 9:30. The plan is to have some music before the classes start at 9:15.  If you are interested in helping with Sunday School let Pastor Keltner know.
You have noticed the smell and the work that has been done at the church.  We have had two significant storm damage events.  When we got 5" of rain that blew from the north we had water come into the church above the front entryway.  The water ran down the walls into the basement.  We had to dry the walls, patch the stucco, and replace sheet rock.  We have not received the final bill for this project but we have generous donations from Bill Richards and Rich Walania so we are close to having this covered.
This week our sump pumps could not keep up with the 9+ inches of rain.  We had two inches of water in our basement.  We lost power and the sump pumps got behind.  The basement has been drying since Tuesday.  The baseboards have been removed and sheet rock has been removed.  It has been quite a process.  I am thankful for the quick response from Rich Fauss, Quality Home Improvement and the volunteers who have helped mitigate the damage.  We are waiting for our insurance company to decide if we are covered.  The bill for this could be upwards of $10,000.
I would ask you not to take from you regular offering to pay for the building.  Our budget has very little margin.  We depend on the regular offering to meet expenses.  If you can do something over and above your regular offering, please consider this.  I know many of you have had damage and have dealt with insurance companies.  You will understand when I tell you that patience is a virtue we need to exploit.

As we start the fall activities your participation in worship is something I celebrate.  We meet to encourage each other.  One of the early critics of the Reformation complained that stopping the spread of Luther's teaching was difficult because when the Lutherans got together they sang their doctrine.  We meet and share God's truths as they are revealed in Scripture.  I was reminded of one of the main differences between Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism.  When a Roman Catholic is asked a question about one of their teachings they respond: "Let us see what the church says?"  When a Lutheran is asked a question about one of our teachings we respond: "What does the Bible say?"  Therefore, we meet and study God's Word. 

Sunday, Sept. 3rd, is Rally Day!
You're invited!
Rally Day
Sunday School for
Children & Adults
9:15 a.m.

Join us in the basement Sunday, September 3rd, for Rally Day! This is our "kickoff" for the new Sunday School year.  Pastor has great things planned including cider donuts, apple cider, games, craft, and more. This is for adults and children! Come celebrate the beginning of another year of learning at Christ Our Savior!

Confirmation Classes
Confirmation Classes for 7th and 8th graders will begin Wednesday, September 6th at 6:00 p.m.

A letter has been mailed to all parents - if you didn't receive a letter and you are the parent of a 7th or 8th grader contact the church office at or 913-837-4502.
Thank You!
As you are all aware by now, the church basement flooded last week when we received 9+ inches of rain.  We wanted to say "Thank You" to the many people who stepped up and helped us in our time of need.

Rich Walania and Quality Home improvements showed up right away and began all the work needed to remove the water, dry out the basement, remove and replace dry wall, and the list goes on and on.  You did the same thing just a short time before when the stucco on the front of the church was leaking and caused so many issues for the church.  All of your efforts have been a true blessing and we are truly thankful!

Richard Fauss for checking on the basement at 4:30 a.m. and finding the standing water!  Your quick efforts helped to get things moving and the clean-up to begin.  We thank you for everything you have done with the Stucco water issue and now with the basement flooding.  You are a true blessing and we are so thankful!

To all of those that heeded our call for Help and gave up your Friday evening to help us out!  We couldn't be more thankful for all of your efforts to clean the carpets, move furniture and everything that it took to get the basement back into shape.  Thank you Mindy Bell, Elaine Bell, Cindy Karrow, Glenn Pooler, Stacy Grove, Aaron Grove, Isaac Grove, Eamon Grove, Richard Fauss, Gwen LawRance, Paul Richards, Debbie Keltner, Matt and Xander Lucas.  Also, thank you to David and Cindy Frazier for their help and providing equipment!

Thank you as well to Pastor for all of your efforts over the past several weeks.  You have been making phone calls, helping move things, cleaning, whatever it took to get things moving, cleaned up and ready so church was uninterrupted.  We truly appreciate everything you do!!!

Christ Our Savior
Make Plans to join the Reformation Celebration!
Save the Date!
Calling all Lutherans! The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is October 31, 2017! There are many, many celebrations commemorating this historic event around the world.
Christ Our Savior Lutheran in Louisburg is planning food, fun and fellowship for our members and their guests on Saturday October 21, 2017 . Dinner will begin at 5:00 pm.  We are still firming up other details for start and end times.
The meal will be German-style food served buffet style. We will have something for everyone including main dishes, side dishes and desserts. The planning committee is kicking around lots of ideas for activities, games and some surprises!
Please contact the church office at the email address: and let us know that you are interested in playing a part and what you would like to do. You may also call the church office and let us know (913-837-4502). You may want to volunteer to head a committee or you may just want to lend a hand where needed. Below are some of the committees and resources needed - and names of contacts for each, so far:
  • Food and Drink - Christine Fauss has recipes for volunteers to whip up a German style dish or two for the buffet
  • Logistics, set up, security, cleanup
  • Marketing and Advertising - Gloria Rolofson will manage bulletin, email and newsletter announcements. There will be other opportunities to help with this
  • Children's and Adult Activities - a variety of great outdoor and indoor activities have been discussed. 
Don't be shy! We need lots of help to put on a great celebration! If you have questions, feel free to contact the office or you may email me, at or call me at 913-269-1935.
Watch this space for updates and more requests for help.
Financial News
We wanted to give you a quick update on the expenses related to the building repairs and a preview of next year's budget.  First, by now you know that we had a couple of inches of water in the church basement during the heavy rains Tuesday August 22nd.   The good news is that it is unrelated to the previous water problem.  The stucco in the front of the church and the damaged interior walls have been repaired and those repairs were good!
This time, the basement problem was a result of so much rain falling over such a short period of time on ground that was already saturated.  Our sump pumps could not keep up. The resulting damage required a quick response from Quality Home Improvement (again!) and the basement was quickly dried out.  We will have some additional expenses to repair walls, insulation and for cleaning all of the carpet in the basement.  Additionally we may need to enhance or replace the sump pump.
If you are able to help with the expenses associated with both of these repairs we have a specific fund for those donations.  All contributions that are directed to this fund will go toward building repair or clean-up expenses.  Please mark your contribution as "building repairs" either on the outside of an envelope or in the memo section of the check.  You can just drop it in the offering plate, drop it by in person, or send it to the office via U.S. Mail.  We will report such contributions on your year-end statement along with your regular offering contributions.  Be sure to provide your name if you are donating cash.
We have a fund-raiser coming up in September to help with the building repair and clean-up expenses.  See the separate announcement in this newsletter and in the weekly bulletins about the Cards for A Cause fund-raiser.
Please remember to sign up for Amazon Smile's donation program if you use Amazon for online purchases.  Just search for and follow their directions to designate Christ Our Savior Louisburg as the organization you would like to support.  Amazon will do the rest; the church has received about $20 in donations so far this year.  That may not seem like a lot, but it contributes to the income.  Christmas is just around the corner, so consider signing up before making those online purchases.  Thank you to those who are already participating.
The budget for 2018 is being prepared.  We will review the draft in the next Church Council meeting and make adjustments over the next couple of months.  The final budget will be presented in a voter's meeting in December.  Church Council meetings are open to everyone and the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 5th at 7:30 pm.
Thank you,
Church Council

Fundraiser for Water Damage and Flooding Expenses
Christ Our Savior will hold a fundraiser to generate extra funds to cover our building repair expenses.  The funds raised in this event will be used for exterior stucco repairs and the necessary repairs to the walls inside the Narthex and church basement; as well as the repairs associated with the basement flooding last week.
Please join us for

event from Useborne Books & More
Our member, Annastasia Muckenthaler, will be in the Narthex just inside the front doors on Sunday mornings Sunday September 17 th and 24th after the 8:00 am service and before the 10:30 am service to show you the four boxes of greeting cards that are available and take orders. 
Each box is priced at $30 and the church will receive $13 per box. 
Please join us on September 17 th and 24 th to see the boxes of beautiful, individually wrapped cards and place your order.  Annastasia's contact information is below if you have questions or cannot make it to the event.  You may place an order directly with her during this period and the funds will go to this event.
Phone: 785-282-5468
Thank you,
The Church Council 
Have you ever wanted to help during a disaster?

In order to better manage volunteers and resources, FEMA is finalizing a guideline on credentialing volunteers for large-scale disasters. The federal guidelines indicate that volunteers responding to a disaster should be trained and certified. Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) is providing training for Lutheran Early Response Teams (LERT) throughout our district. Should a disaster strike these teams would be put on call and may be asked to deploy in 72 hours or less to the disaster site.  This training will prepare team member for credentialing and will focus on the safety, work, and ministry of Lutherans as Early Responders.

Below is information on the initial LERT training session taking place in Paola. 
When: November 4, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Where: First Lutheran Church
401 E Piankishaw
Paola, KS 66071
Contact: Brian Mead 859-576-1892
Cost: $25 (Checks may be made out to First Lutheran)
That includes: Training guide book, LCMS LERT vest, Lanyard with ID holder and lunch.  ID photos will be taken during training.
Notify: Pastor Andy at 913-837-0303 as well as Brian Mead if you plan on attending.

Registration Deadline is October 22, 2017
If you decide to attend the day of training, the cost is $30.  There will be no guarantee of a book, vest, lanyard or lunch
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Rally Day!
Confirmation 2017/18
Thank You!
Reformation Celebration
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Cards for a Cure!
LERT Training
Friends for Christ
LWML Fall Event Donations
We Sing the Faith
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Friends for Christ  

Friends for Christ will be taking the month of September off.  See you in October!

LWML Fall Event

The LWML group is preparing for their Fall Event.  Part of their event is collecting donations for a charity.  This year, they are collecting for My Father's House.

A collection box will be placed in the entry of the church.  Watch the bulletin and further newsletters for details on what items they will be looking for.
Thank you in advance for helping this very worthy cause!

"We Sing the Faith"

A 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Hymn Festival
Sponsored by LCMS

in the world-class Helzberg Hall
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Kansas City, Missouri.
This is a free community event that features favorite hymns, choir anthems, special guests performing, brass and percussion from the Kansas Symphony, etc.

Due to an overwhelming response there will be a matinee performance at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Free tickets for the matinee will be available on Tuesday, September 5, at 10 a.m. Tickets may be reserved online at or by call the box office at 816-994-7222. Online method of reservation is preferable because phone lines get very busy.
For more information see the bulletin board in the narthex of the church.  There is also information on how anyone in high school or beyond can have the opportunity to participate in the Festival Choir!

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Our first meeting after the summer will be held Monday, September 11th in the church basement at 7 pm. There will be a bible study and then a short business meeting. We will have several things to go over.  We also have a new logo to celebrate 75 years of LWML (LUTHERAN WOMENS MISSIONARY LEAGUE). Hope to see you there. All women of the church are members of LWML and welcome to attend all meetings. 

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month - Sept. thru May at 7:00 p.m. in the church basement .

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman at 837-5116. 

Hope to see you there! 

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Altar Flowers
9/3  Newman's
       celebrating Linda's Birthday

9/10 Karl & Cindy Karrow
        celebrating Cindy's Birthday

9/17 Carolyn Megee
        in memory of her sister

9/24  Steve Edgar
         celebrating Josh's Birthday

Those who have signed up for flowers have two options: 
  1. You can provide you own. They must be at the church before the 8:00 a.m. service.
  2. Sandy can get them for you for $20. (Make checks payable to Sandy Barsh)
Flowers may be taken home after the 10:30 a.m. service. Please return vases to church when flowers are done. You may contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 for questions or to fill an open date.


September Education



Confirmation Class

6:00 p.m. 

Evening Bible Study

7:15 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  


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Official Acts  
Alexa Marie O'Connor

Transfer In
Keith Pritzel
from Beautiful Savior
Lutheran Church

In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include:  

Dylan Ash
Jim Buckman
Mark Edgar
Ray Gigliotti
Thomas Glick

Marissa Glick
Jeremy Howard
Zac Howard
Freddy Hurt
Greg Jeffrey
Tyler Jordan
James Keltner
Tom Moore
Rob O'Bannon
Rob Ortman

September Anniversaries

09/05  Glenn & Deanna Pooler
09/12  Karl & Cindy Karrow
09/14  Jim & Debbie Bell
09/14  Josh & Brooke Berve
09/14  Tim & Janie Ott
09/30  Stan & Jean Flick
September Birthdays
9/1    Debbie Keltner
9/3    Glenn Pooler
9/4    Allison Brown
9/6    Richard Fauss
9/8    Linda Newman
9/10  Jeff Axmann
9/13  Travis Becker
9/16  Tricia Walania
9/17  Pat Lightner
9/18  Addy Stohs
9/19  Curtis Strubbe
9/20  Bill Richards
9/22  Sandy Barsh
9/23  Walt Chester
9/26  Ellie Kalinka
9/27  Isabelle Holtzen
9/27  Eli Roth
9/28  Charlotte Heishman
9/30  Josh Berve

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