Winter : 2019
Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative! Another Gulf is Possible is a women-of-color led grassroots collaborative built upon years of organizing resulting in a strong and rooted ecosystem of relationships between individuals tied to a multitude of organizations, networks, communities, and alliances in the US Gulf South and the Global South. Our necessary collaborative is born from being in the belly of the extractive energy beast and ground zero for the impacts of climate change, bearing the weight of ongoing recovery efforts from Katrina, Rita, Harvey, Maria, Michael, the BP oil disaster, as well as ongoing and persistent catastrophic flooding and industrial pollution. Our region is also a center of galvanization in the ongoing struggle for social and racial justice from police violence like the murder of Alton Sterling and Eric Harris to the highest rates of mass incarceration in the world, where the Angola Penitentiary is literally a former plantation built upon the foundations of sacred indigenous lands, yet New Orleans was the first major Southern city to see our confederate monuments get taken down. We believe that in order to achieve a just transition in the United States, shifting the Gulf South is a critical pivot point, so we must use all the tools available to us, in collaboratively strategic synergy and alignment to change the social, economic and environmental conditions towards sustainability, equity and justice.
We are proud of manifesting the dream of this collaborative’s vision of autonomously coordinated initiatives yet deeply interconnected sisterhood of support and collaboration in the last year. The membership of our core leadership circle is currently comprised of Bekah Hinojosa (Brownsville, TX), Cherri Foytlin (Rayne, Louisiana), Jayeesha Dutta (New Orleans, LA), Mary Gutierrez (Pensacola, FL), Monique Verdin (St. Bernard, LA and Pensacola, FL) and Yudith Nieto (Houston, TX). Fernando Lopez (New Orleans, LA), Ramsey Sprague (Mobile, AL) , Karen Savage (New York, NY), Nyx Zierhut (New Orleans, LA), Bryan Parras (Houston, TX), and Liana Lopez (Houston, TX) are partners in our collaborative ecosystem, and we are excited to add more partners in the coming year.
2018 Allowed us the Opportunity to:
• Produce over a dozen art builds from
the Rio Grande Valley to the critical and groundbreaking L’eau est La Vie Bayou Bridge Pipeline Resistance Camp , which one of our members (Cherri) leads.
• Participate in countless protests

• Be part of a delegation on an international divestment trip to Switzerland and Germany.
• Organize and co-produce Hands Across the Sand & Earth Day Fest in Ft. Walton Beach

• Address the adverse environmental, economic, and public health impacts associated with hydraulic fracturing in the State of Florida and promoting a statewide ban.

• Gather signatures and educating the public on the environmental impacts from offshore and onshore drilling and exploration, including seismic testing; and Address the adverse environmental and public health impacts associated with plastics
• Co-produce "Decolonizing Cultural Organizing" weekend in New Orleans with the Arts and Democracy Project.
• Facilitate and host viewing of Shore Stories, An Inconvenient Truth Part II and Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom
• Amplify and support the Harvey Human Rights Tribunal in Houston
• Co-produce the Stories of Survival tour which traveled from Houston - New Orleans - Loiza -Comerio - San Salvador - Toa Alta - Santurce around the observances of devastating hurricanes in the Gulf South and Puerto Rico. We shared stories and solutions through art, music, and solar-powered film inspired by our co-producing partners, Defend Puerto Rico.
• Create, host and maintain the initial Just Harvey Recovery (2017), Just Florence Recovery and Just Michael Recovery webpages on our site in the immediate aftermath of most recent hurricanes
• Host two Direct Action trainings and CineSolar film screenings in the Rio Grande Valley.
We’d love your support.
Please email us if you’d like to donate or volunteer with AGIP!

We are excited to join the Catapult family and moved in on Jan 1 to 609 St. Ferdinand in New Orleans. Stay tuned!
We'll be starting regular monthly programming soon.

In the News

Yudith and Jayeesha were  both guests on September 13's KPFA's Upfront (Bay Area public radio)  talking about just recovery in the face of climate change,  Jayeesha and Fernando were featured on WWNO  on September 14 to talk about the Stories of Survival tour we co-produced last fall, and Jayeesha went back on KPFA's Upfront September 18th to share about grassroots response and  just recovery solidarity work around Hurricane Florence .

Bulbancha, the original name of the place we now call New Orleans, is one of our new favorite old word. Checkout this last edition of Tripod, BULBANCHA 3000 , as Monique and other Indigenous people of the Mississippi River Delta reflect on the 300 year celebration of the colonial founding of the city.

As part of the plastic campaign, Mary has been creating and sharing eco-minutes with the community on WUWF in efforts to educate the public on the environmental and public health impacts of plastics. Have a listen to the Impacts of plastic straws and this piece about Plastic Pollution.
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Winter : 2019