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Hello everybody.

Hope you are all well and happy. It was a lovely bright day here yesterday but today it is cold and dank. I did venture out for a very short walk which was refreshing, but glad to be back in the warmth of my home. Hope you are all cosy.

Some good news for you. Next years courses are now on my website and I already have quite a few bookings coming in. My brochures are now at the printers and will soon be ready for distribution.

Details of all courses coming up next.



Bobby Britnell

23/24 March


This course is one of my favourites, because it guarantees exciting results from everyone every time. It also makes people who say they cannot draw soon realise that they can. Exercises will be varied so hopefully they will be something for everyone. We will be working mainly with dry media, but also with some wet media. There will be plenty of discussion as to how images produced can be developed and used as designs for translation into fabric and stitch in your own time. You will be working 'expressively' with charcoal to create a landscape or a piece of work from your imagination, 

working 'collaboratively' with pastels but with a personal twist: using wax crayons with inks to build up a still-life drawing: portrait drawing with a difference: and even more!!!! All of the projects tackled will be clearly explained during the course making it accessible for all. Join me to extend your drawing skills, learn new ones and have lots of fun.

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Images by Bobby Britnell

AS ONE: Fibre, Ground, Thread, Stitch Revisited

Amanda Clayton

26/27/28 April


As the title suggests I am revisiting techniques from my past and delivering them as a complete workshop with stitch. Using linen/flax and silk fibre we will make felted paper grounds, spin thread if you want and integrate into some stitched pieces. Bring some handmade papers and you can play with these too. This will be a ‘playful’ workshop combining different neutral surfaces together and sharing my love of hand stitch. I will encourage you to inlay, darn, reinforce, make fragile, couch and embed your stitching into your grounds. Inspiration will be around us…the textures and shapes of Moor Hall.

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Images by Amanda Clayton


Sarah Burgess

14/15 May


Come and explore some of the hidden marks and possibilities that basic stitches can reveal. Using hand stitch marks to form simple printing blocks we will use rubber rollers to print on to a range of materials; paper and fabric, opaque and semi-transparent, positive and negative to reveal hidden marks and build unexpected patterns. Participants will continue their explorations with layering and stitch, and they will have the opportunity to develop their work into a series of small studies for future development.

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Image by Sarah Burgess

CHAIN REACTION ~ one thing leads to another

Matthew Harris

17/18/19 May


Working from a collection of personal objects we will be looking at ways in which abstracted visual imagery might convey, explore and develop the idea of personal language, narrative and history through the interaction of making, materials and process. Matthew delivered this course some years ago now and it is one that I can recommend. It will get you thinking in new ways but also with opportunities of applying ideas to your current working practise. An excellent and stimulating 3-day course.    


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Images by Bobby Britnell from a Matthew Harris Course.


Alex McIntyre

28/29/30 June


Join this course if you would love to embrace creative process and play with intention. This course will encourage you to ‘be less precious’, let go of ‘thinking’ and embrace the possibility and potential of ‘mistakes’ – all whilst gaining insight into your unique visual language, intuition, and taste.  

You will: Work outside and in the studio with fast, intuitive, and expressive drawings and paintings inspired by the Shropshire Landscape. Use accidents and physical texture as an essential part of the drawing process and consider layers, and visual texture. Employ processes of construction and destruction to move your source material into studies for paintings through collage. Gain insight into your own unique visual language through reflection and conscious exploration of colour relationships, texture, and composition. Take creative risks and have fun.

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Images by Alex McIntyre

HEDGEROWS (ways with batik)

Jenny O'Leary

15/16 July


The beautiful shapes and colours of the plants that form our hedgerows will be the inspiration to create batiks on tissue, paper and fabric using Jenny’s contemporary interpretation of a traditional technique. We will work with hot wax and inks, traditional and non-traditional tools to make individual pieces of work. The contrasting shapes and forms found in our hedgerows - soft, angular, spiky, twisting, layering, overlapping, protecting - look through, under, over, will inspire the work. Several samples will be produced over the two days suitable for adding to with stitch later. 

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Image by Jenny O'Leary


Dorothy Tucker

29/30 July


Come to explore how a floor plan of your house or favourite rooms could provide you with interesting ways to create a contemporary take on kantha in which some simple outlines of household objects, furniture, people, animals and decorative border patterns can be included. Household objects, people, and animals outlined in running stitch feature in frames or decorative borders in many traditional kantha. I will bring some historical and contemporary examples for you to see. We will begin by folding layers of cloth together and making a plan to trace the onto the top layer. Then we will begin to stitch to add colour, life and pattern to your kantha using variations of running stitch.

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Images by Dorothy Tucker


Alice Fox

16/17/18 August


An introduction to gathering and processing a range of plant-based fibres that grow wild, including nettle, bramble and willow herb. We will gather the relevant plants from the land near to the studio and learn the different ways to extract and process fibre that could then be used for cordage making, soft basketry and weaving. Some of the workshop will be spent outside, whatever the weather. You will produce a selection of fibre and cordage samples and learn about times to gather, process, and store your wild fibres. The focus of the workshop is on gathering and processing fibre and aims to open our eyes to the usable fibres that are commonly available to us.

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Images by Alice Fox


I have a couple of on-line courses planned for 2024 with hopefully new ones to come. Check put my WEBSITE for further information.

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Between the Lines

Julia Triston

26 Feb, 4/11/18/25 March, 29 April


This exciting on-line course will include a series of design and stitch exercises, with each session offering new experiences in developing ways of working with papers, paints, fabrics and threads in response to ‘line’. You will experiment with ink, collage paper and cloth backgrounds, then further embellish these with linear marks in print, hand embroidery and/or machine stitch. 

The emphasis will be placed on making lots of small samples to fill a sketchbook, both print and stitched ‘sketches’.

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Image by Julia Triston

Mary Fedden

Bobby Britnell

April 9/16/23/30, May 7, June 4


A course which examines the drawing and design inspirations, lines, marks, imagery and techniques used in the drawings and paintings of Mary Fedden. We will be examining these aspects of her work closely and then students will collect and draw from their own personalised imagery. Through a series of sketchbook exercises you will build up reference material to use in creating your own still life study.

Sessions are 'live' and will run from 2.30 to approximately 4.30pm on each of the course dates.

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Image by Ruth Kirkby

who attanded last years course.


Moor Art 1 and Moor Art 2

Bobby britnell

On-going art courses taught by Bobby offering insight into innovative art projects, exploring many ways of using techniques and mixed media. Critique of work, artist research, lively discussion are essential parts of each session. Join us and work in this stimulating environment of Moor Hall Studio.

                                              See website for the dates.             

Moor Art 1

Moor Art 1 meets fortnightly on a Wednesday throughout the year.

Course costs £35 per session payable in advance for 6 sessions = £210. If a student misses a session they may attend the other group on the weekend to make up for the missed session, but only if space allows.

There is currently a waiting list to attend this group but spaces often come up so please leave your details.

Image by Nette Atkins a student

from Moor Art 1

Moor Art 2

Moor Art 2 meet for a weekend monthly for 9 weekends per year.

Course costs £35 per session payable in advance for 6 session (3 weekends per term) = £210. The same arrangement applies for when students miss a session, they can join in with Moor Art 1 space permitting.

There are currently SPACES in this group

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Image by Wendy Kirk a student

from Moor Art 2


These courses are still available on my website. Click HERE

Inspired by Line

Inspired by Ben Nicholson

Inspired by Grids

Exceptional value of £25 each

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Inspired by Line

Ben Nicholson

Inspired by Grids

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