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Happy Holidays!! -- Thursday, December 24, 2020 -- Happy Holidays!!
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Good News: Yesterday, Feds Approve Moving Forward with Scheduling ALF Vacccinations

Yesterday morning, several members contacted FSLA after they had received email notices from the pharmacies stating that they were not allowed to begin sheduling vaccines in ALFs. This was not a state mandate, but rather a federal mandate because of the low number of initial vaccines shipped to the state.

James McFaddin, FSLA's lobbyist, reached out to the Governor's Chief of Staff and the Department of Health's Chief of Staff and they immediately made calls to inquire about the delay in vacccinations for ALFs.

We are happy to report that DOH's Chief of Staff received the go ahead yesterday afternoon and informed CVS and Walgreens that they could begin scheduling vaccines in ALF communities. So, scheduling for ALFs should begin commencing soon after the holidays.
Governor Issues New Emergency Order EO 20-315

After our conversation with the Governor's staff yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis released his latest Emergency Order, 20-315.

The Emergency Order states that during the first phase of vaccine administration all providers administering any COVID-19 vaccine shall only vaccinate the following populations:

  • Long-term care facility residents and staff;
  • Persons 65 years of age and older; and
  • Health care personnel with direct patient contact.
FSLA Researches DOH Vaccine Report Website

FSLA reached out to AHCA and DOH to find out why the initial numbers being reported for seniors in the DOH's Vacination Report Website were so low.

Today’s vaccine report indicates a 44% increase in individuals vaccinated who are aged 65 and older. The efforts to vaccinate individuals in long-term care facilities in partnership with CVS and Walgreens have been ramping up and we expect that the numbers will continue to dramatically increase in the coming weeks as the vaccination program continues and as those vaccinations are reported to the Florida Department of Health.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the latest report.

Don't Forget . . . Separate Completed Consent Forms Required for Each Vaccine Dosage

Several members asked if Walgreens and CVS could combine the consent for each vaccination into one authorization form instead of the resident and/or family member, POA or guardian being required to sign two forms.

The answer is unfortunately, No. Federal Law (Title 42) requires that a consent form be signed prior to the administration of every dose of a vaccine. Pharmacies cannot legally give the second dose without collecting a second consent form.