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Sunday, January 10, 2021

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CDR Health Provides More Information on Consent Forms

Q: What form do we get residents/staff to sign to keep for community's records?

A: There are two options:

  • They can sign the last page of the acknowledgement form and keep at the facility level
  • They can sign a facility consent form and keep at the facility level for record purposes

A representative from CDR Health says, "We are not physically collecting signatures back on hard copy forms and we were advised the onerous was on the facilities to acquire the consents and as long as the facility told us they had consent we could vaccinate." 

"We are utilizing the facility response on our registration spreadsheet upload that indicates the Facility received consent by patient, healthcare surrogate or other authorized representative as proof facility got the consent and then we will get informed consent at time of patient checkin onsite via our handheld electronic devices."

CDR Health has incorporated all of the DOH requirements as part of their registration process in their vaccine data management system. Given their required timeline to complete the mission by the State, they need to get the information in their system using the requested format or they have to register directly onsite.
"Word on the Street" Rumor

Q: Today, we heard that allegedly word on the street is that CDR is sending vaccines to communities directly and they have to get them administered as soon as possible. Do we know if this is true?

A: The Florida Department of Health(DOH) is sending the allocation of vaccines by county to the local county health department or a near county health department that has the required cold storage capabilities. The state has equipped CDR’s vaccination teams with cold storage coolers that will be used for daily quantity requirements per vaccination team based on each vaccination team’s assigned facilities. 

Any unused/unopened vaccine will be returned at the end of every night to either DOH or state assigned locations for proper freezer storage. Each vaccination team has a minimum of two licensed healthcare providers that will take chain of custody of the vaccine while in that team’s possession.

CDR Health is not sending vaccine directly to any ALF/LTC facility and vaccine will arrive with CDR’s vaccination teams. Further, they are tracking the amount of vaccine given to every vaccination team against how many doses that team administered each day. During team training, the teams were all advised that the vaccine is federal property and any theft of the vaccine is a federal offense and will be prosecuted accordingly.