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Sunday, January 17, 2021
CDR Health's Vaccine Schedule for Week of January 17

This weekend, FSLA has been working with AHCA to contact communities in Lee, Collier, Pasco, and Sarasota counties to let them know that CDR Health will be vaccinating today through Friday. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused your residents, families and staff. AHCA is working round the clock to make sure that all communities are notified and that all ALFs are scheduled for vaccines as soon as possible.

FSLA members received numerous emails from us this past week containing information and attachments from CDR Health. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining the association to keep up with the latest announcements and information.

Before CDR Health arrives, please fill out the ALF Patient Import Template and you can use the acknowledgement form as consent. The acknolwedgement form is located on the back page of CDR Health's LTC Acknowledgements and Policies for Administration. Just add signature lines and dates for the residents and staff to sign for each vaccination. You may also want to add the name of the vaccine (Pfizer) and the company that administered the vaccine. Please don't forget to date each form. Residents and staff should sign the form for each dosage.

Also, please fill out the ALF Patient Import Template with as much information as possible. CDR Health will need this information to post the vaccines in the state's database.

We received the following message from CDR Health this afternoon.

To date, CDR Health has vaccinated 9,268 in the past 6 days. CDR Health has a final list from CVS/Walgreens which should greatly improve their ability to plan into the future. Please click here for a list of communities that CDR Health will plan to visit this week.

Due to the speed at which they are moving, they will be using the following communication guidelines:

  1. Call and email 2-4 days out to alert facilities CDR is mobilizing in the area and to be prepared with registration/consents
  2. 24 to 48-hour notice of appointment day (we are unable to give time windows at this point)
  3. Call to facility when a team is on their way

If they are unable to reach a community, they have been instructed to still visit the facility and attempt to vaccinate anyone that is able to Self Consent.  This has presented challenges with proper notice. Please, if your community is listed, please go ahead and get prepared for their visit now.

  1. CDR Health's #1 goal is to visit every ALF in the state between the 3 companies (CVS/Walgreens/CDR) by January 31st and anyone who was unable to get vaccinated during this first round can receive the vaccine when they revisit for the second round. This applies to facility employees who were unable to be present during this round or any resident pending consent. 
  2. CDR Health is unable to set up custom appointments at this time. They are being asked by facilities to come back in a week and/or when they are able to get all off duty staff onsite. While they are trying to accommodate those requests when possible, their priority is to vaccinate as many residents as possible.

CDR Health is expecting to work in the following counties this week.  Of course, all this is contingent on CDR receiving PPE and vaccine supplies.

Also, timing is dependent on how quickly their teams are able to complete facilities. They are attempting to stick with the schedule below as much as possible. How long they are in a county is contingent on the number of facilities there.

Please contact FSLA if you have any questions.

January 15, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine in Assisted Living Facilities:
Frequently Asked Questions
Please disregard the previous notice sent earlier.
This is the correct notice.
In order to provide additional guidance to Assisted Living Facilities regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, the Agency has developed a series of frequently asked questions. The FAQs can be accessed through the following link: FAQs