"I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." Romans 12:1-2
Chemical Poisoning

Hi dear friends!

My wife and I just watched a movie: Dark Waters – the true-life story of an attorney who takes on the chemical company DuPont after discovering the cover-up and lies the company was engaged in regarding the massive levels of toxins that were and continue to be buried and dispersed into our air, water and food, and the horrible effects they have caused on untold lives.
DuPont is just one company of thousands that are slowly killing us. Don’t be misled, if a company is using any synthetic chemicals at all, the waste they produce IS being dumped into our earth, not to mention the chemicals from the products themselves that are leaching into everything we touch, eat, use, sleep on, shower with etc.
Specifically, DuPont is the creator of many chemicals including PFAS, PTFE, and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) a.k.a. C8, or by its common name today – Teflon. These are in a class of nearly 5,000 substances called “forever chemicals” because of how long they persist. C8 never actually breaks down in the environment!
Teflon is just one of many chemicals that has been shown conclusively to cause birth defects, cancer, autoimmune disease, hormonal problems, etc. Yet, even after extensive testing and research was done and DuPont itself admitted to the toxic levels, they still continued to produce these poisons. C8 is an eight carbon fluroethylene synthetic chemical that is very resistant to destruction and can stay in the body for life.
By the way, Teflon is not just found in frying pans - it’s in carpets, clothes, furniture, wire and cable coatings, many office and home products as well. It is consistently leaching and off-gassing toxic chemicals and therefore we are constantly exposed to them. Subsequently, studies have found that it is present in every single person! In fact, an alarming statement at the end of the movie reads that it has been determined that C8 has made its way to every corner of the planet. Every living creature on our planet has C8 in its blood including 99% of human beings. Forever chemicals are everywhere and are here to stay. 
Again, keep in mind C8 is just one chemical of tens of thousands that we’re exposed to every day. The majority of synthetic chemicals used in product manufacturing today is unsafe, regardless of what the manufacturers say.  
Interestingly, in reviewing archaeological studies of ancient bones and comparing them to ours today, experts have found we have about ONE THOUSAND TIMES the amount of certain heavy metals deposited into inner tissues, fat, bones, and ligaments that people had thousands of years ago. The result may explain the surge in gastrointestinal-related adverse health symptoms, such as fungal mycotoxins, gut dysbiosis and a host of other disorders.
The story told in Dark Waters is really just the first chapter in a public health nightmare that’s continuing to play out all over the country.
The story was so heart-wrenching and disturbing that my wife and I were physically brought to tears seeing how callus and uncaring these evil companies are in destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.
Chemical companies, including pharmaceutical companies (who use petroleum-based drugs that contain many other synthetic chemicals and heavy metals) are killing the planet; they are killing animals, they are killing the human race and are doing so willingly and freely – for profit. These chemicals are largely responsible for the increase of diseases so prevalent today that were mostly nonexistent 150 years ago, before the Industrial Revolution. How can we not think that tampering with nature and trying to improve what God has created would not yield horrible results?!

The list of toxin-caused diseases is too huge for this newsletter but includes:

These diseases are killing millions every year, unnecessarily.
Unfortunately, these chemical companies are still largely left alone to continue spewing out their poisons on us.  Oh, the EPA watches them and they may get fined from time to time, but what is a several million dollar fine when a company is making billions a year?!  It’s worth it to them to pay out a little to make a lot more!
Unless these companies completely shut down and stop now (which will probably never happen in our lifetime), and unless we start manufacturing using natural methods and materials like those used prior to the 1900s, this planet and thus its people are going to continue to get increasingly polluted & sick, lifespans will decrease (we’re already seeing this), and it’s even possible the majority of the population will not survive for another 40 or 50 years. It’s not slowing down, it’s actually increasing exponentially.    
So, after all this, is there any hope left? Is there anything we can do; anything we must do? The answer is a resounding and encouraging YES!
Immediately after watching the movie, my wife and I rubbed an extra dose of my new chelation cream on our arms (Ona’s Natural EDTA Chelation Cream). And we're going to do our best to never miss a dose.  
Part of the makeup of C8 is fluoride and EDTA has been shown to bind to and help remove fluoride from the body. Without a chelating agent like EDTA, it’s pretty much impossible to remove this dangerous compound and therefore it WILL continue to wreak havoc on the body until its chelated out.
Additionally, EDTA has been shown conclusively to bind to and remove toxic heavy metals and many other chemicals from the body. I will be adding more documentation on my website, but for now you can go to my website and see how EDTA works to remove these toxins: https://somahealth.net/edta-and-cardiovascular-health/
Since the diseases above are caused by the exposure to and buildup of toxins, EDTA can play a vital role in helping to clear out these toxins and begin to reverse and improve many symptoms of these diseases. It’s also been conclusively shown in numerous studies to reverse plaque build-up in the arteries of the heart that can cause heart attacks and strokes! It’s a lifesaving formulation.
Dark Waters will get you thinking, will most likely touch you, and hopefully will make you angry enough to take steps – for you and your family. A word of warning: While the movie was excellent, we watch all our movies with a Clearplay filter system so, while we didn’t hear any profanity, I’m certain there was quite a bit in the movie (FYI).
Using EDTA in a soothing, natural cream with wonderful carrier oils, is one of the most important things you can do in helping to clean up your body and the planet! It has to begin with us.
Please, for the sake of your own health and that of your children's, read about and seriously consider making my chelation cream part of your preventative and restorative health plan. I put a lot of work into my products and I hope you know me well enough that I don’t sell anything I haven’t used myself. I offer only the very best products to help you. It IS my calling as a doctor, Christian and servant!
As always, I continue to look forward to helping you in your quest for better health!

Dr. Mike
SomaHealth Effective Nutrition 
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