March 1, 2021

The following message is from the Archdiocesan Response Team:

Good evening -

We know that as the numbers continue to trend in the right direction here in the State of Massachusetts, there is an increasing desire to open things up more. We all feel that desire, and we are watching both the numbers and the state guidelines carefully.
For the moment, here is our encouragement: you should feel free to start planning things for the summer months, but those plans should be made with the maximum flexibility possible. Don't put into place any plans that cannot be changed. Don't put money down on trips, bus reservations, and the like. Any activities that are planned should contain the caveat that they may have to be cancelled depending on the trend in the numbers and the state guidelines.
Also you should remember that every state is different, and has different policies. If you are planning something that involves travel to another state or people from another state traveling here, you need to watch closely the policy of both states. There is no indication that the country is going to disengage from the various protocols in any kind of lock step. It will likely be chaotic for awhile.
We commit to communicating with you every two weeks or so, giving you whatever information we have as to changes that we can anticipate, and reminding you of what is still in effect.
We do ask that any questions you have be addressed to Having all inquiries go through that email really helps us to track them and to look for trends.
So, as a reminder, here is where things stand as of today.
  • Masks must be worn at all events, worship and otherwise, indoor and outdoor, and masks should cover the mouth and nose.
  • Socially distancing of six meet must be observed at all events, worship and otherwise, indoor and outdoor.
  • Indoor spaces should be ventilated to the greatest extent possible.
  • Surfaces should be cleaned after all gatherings.
  • Indoor non-worship gatherings are limited to ten persons.
  • Outdoor non-worship gatherings are limited to twenty-five persons.
  • In person faith formation for children can happen if there is an approved safety plan.
  • Youth sports are not allowed.

For parishes in the state defined red zones:
  • Temperatures must be taken at all indoor gatherings, and anyone with a temperature of 100.4F should not be admitted.
  • No in person faith formation is allowed.
  • No non-worship gatherings are allowed except for support groups.

Parish mission trips may perhaps be allowed this summer, but there is no certainty on that point. Plans can be made, but they should be very, very flexible, as we as yet have no date on which those events would be allowed again.

Thank you.

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