While we are all complying with “Stay at Home” orders and construction of housing, including remodeling, has been deemed an essential service, it is imperative that the industry operates responsibly and practices the upmost safety.
It is critically important to adhere to CDC and OSHA guidelines; to follow safety rules in local “Stay at Home” orders ; to maintain the 6-ft social distancing rule; and to keep work crews or staff to 10 people or less. It is also recommended that home sale or model home offices work with customers by appointment only and meetings or closings be conducted virtually if possible.
While these measures may be challenging temporarily, the industry as a whole must demonstrate to the community at large that safety is a priority.
For more information on best practices see this COVID-19 checklist for employers and employees.
If your company would like more information on developing an organizational response plan to COVID-19, please see the available resources provided by TAB and NAHB.
Additionally, in order provide greater tools to comply with local, state and federal guidelines in light of COVID-19, the Greater Houston Partnership has developed the “Houston COVID-19 Work Safe Company” program, featuring 10 principles essential companies should consider as they continue their operations.

As part of the program, the GHP created . The page includes information about the 10 principles and a toolkit of logos and social media posts that companies can use to declare their pledge to “Work Safe.” 

The more businesses pledging to work safe, the more our community benefits! 
Fort Bend County has followed other surrounding counties in extending their “Stay at Home” order . Residential construction, including remodeling and realtor services are considered essential services in this order. 
Earlier this week, Governor Abbott issued Executive Order GA-14 relating to statewide continuity of essential services and activities during the COVID-19 disaster. In this order, residential construction is deemed an essential service. A summary of the order can be found here , including information on the services related to the home building industry that are also considered an essential service.
The NAHB has provided a guide to help members navigate the federal funds and assistance available from the recently passed CARES Act including contact information for questions.
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