COVID-19 Daily Update
March 20, 2020 edition
Supporting Business
Federal, Provincial, Municipal & More

FREE COVID-19 Webinar for Business
March 25th @ 12PM (EDT)
The spread of COVID-19 poses important challenges to Canadian businesses. With the situation constantly evolving, you need to be prepared for any disruptions. Join BDC experts as they share short-term economic perspectives and advice on how to manage through the crisis.

Astra Zeneca & Innovative Medicines Activities During COVID-19
Our pharma companies are working tirelessly to find a therapy for COVID-19. Check out their progress.

Federal News
Government of Canada Announces Additional Measures to Support Continued Lending for Canadian Consumers and Businesses

Provincial News
Province launches a learn from home portal for Ontario students.

City of Mississauga News
City of Mississauga Council defers due dates on property taxes for businesses and residents.

Region of Peel Health
Number of cases level off to 24 in Peel but social distancing and caution is still the order of the day.

Post This Sign at the Entrance to Your Place of Business
This sign from the Region of Peel Health provides important COVID-19 information before anyone enters your place of business.

MBOT Radio Podcast
Peter Hall, Chief Economist for EDC, comments on examines current economic conditions and compares today's crisis to The Great Depression.

MBOT Radio Podcast
Susanne Balpataky, Employment Lawyer discusses the new Employment Standard rules to deal with COVID-19

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