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Coronavirus:  What You Need To Know
March 202 0
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Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC
COVID-19 Coronavirus: What You Need To Know

     Like all viral illnesses, some people will have minimal symptoms and others will have severe responses. Some will have symptoms that drag on for months; others will only a few days. The question arises, "why such a disparity between people?"
     The cause of this array of responses can only be one thing and that is the immunological system of each individual. Those that get very sick have compromised immune systems. 
Key factors for undermining the immune systems:
- Sleep deprivation
- Poor diet
- Low vitamin D
- Low vitamin A
- Low zinc
- Vitamin C
- Low Selenium

Key foods that undermine the immune system are:
- Chicken, turkey, shellfish, shrimp and any pork product.   

Here are some additional recommendations:
- Vitamin D Mulsion - 10,000 units/day  (but upon the first feeling illness,     increase to 20,000.  Even increasing to 50,000 for a few days will give a       jump start
- Vitamin A/E Mulsion - 50,000 units per day
- Zinc - 50mg per day
- Vitamin C - 1,000 mg a day
- Health Max Colloidal Silver - 1 tsp 2x per day
- Selenium 200mcg per day

Other products for preventative care:
- Winter-vite - 1 per day
- Immu-zyme - 1 twice a day
- Agrisept - 5 drops in water once a day
- Liquid Iodine - 3 drops a day
- Lauricidin - 1 scoop per day

Upon any sign of illness, increase the following:
- Immuzyme: 2 / 3 times per day
- Agrisept: 10 drops 3 times per day
- Lauricidin: 1 scoop 2 to 3 times per day
- Vitamin C: 2,000 mc a day

     We also have homeopathic remedies. In the 1918 flu that killed ΒΌ of the world's population, homeopathic doctors had over a 90% cure rate. Medical doctors had a 20% survival rate. 

     Finally, maintaining spinal alignment is by far one of the most important aspects of maintaining health.
     Let us manage your health care.  No one does it better than Wagner Holistic Center. 

Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
tell your friends who may be suffering.
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