COVID-19: DWC and WCAB Offer Guidance on Emailing Documents
As a follow-up to the April 6 en banc order allowing limited filing of documents via email directly to the Appeals Board and DWC district offices, the DWC sent out a notice today offering the following guidance on emailing documents to assist the workers’ compensation community:

Emailing documents directly to the Appeals Board
  • Documents relating to any matter currently pending before the Appeals Board, including but not limited to cases in which a petition for reconsideration has been granted for further study may be filed by emailing to Documents sent by email should include the information required for pleadings by WCAB Rule 10520 and an email address for the sending party. (Cal. Code Regs., title 8, former § 10498, now § 10520 (eff. Jan. 1, 2020).) Documents sent by email should otherwise comply with the WCAB’s Rules.
  • Do not email petitions for reconsideration, removal, or disqualification and answers to the Appeals Board’s emergency email box. Those documents should still be filed electronically in EAMS or JET File or by email with the DWC district office having venue pursuant to WCAB Rule 10940(a). (See Cal. Code Regs., title 8, former § 10840(a), now § 10940(a) (eff. Jan. 1, 2020).) 

Emailing documents to the DWC district offices where the filing party cannot e-file, JET file or file by U.S. mail
  • Documents that must be filed with DWC and which are subject to statutory time limits, such as petitions for reconsideration, removal, disqualification, applications for adjudication of claim, and petitions to reopen, may be filed via email directly to the district office having venue. Documents that are not subject to statutory time limits may not be filed via email. If such documents cannot be e-filed or JET filed, they must be filed via U.S. mail. The division will reject documents that are improperly filed via email. DWC reminds parties to only use this alternative filing option for these limited documents.

Email addresses for the 24 district offices may be found at the office locations page on the DWC website .

To view the notice on the DWC website, click here .