COVID-19: DWC to Offer "Walk-Through Alternative" with LifeSize Platform Beginning January 11
Dear members,

Effective January 11, the WCAB is now offering a “walk-through alternative” in the Lifesize video conferencing platform for Compromise and Releases and Stipulations with Request for Award. Instructions on using that platform may be found on the DWC website.

See below on expanded walk-through services for Compromise and Releases and Stipulations with Request for Award at District Offices, with limited hours, and instructions on how to file.

"District offices will be available for walk-throughs Monday through Friday, from 2 to 4 p.m. only. Walk-throughs will be available only for a Compromise and Release, or Stipulation with Request for Award at this time. To be heard, the documents must be filed at least 24 hours ahead of the walk-through appearance, by either JET filing or e-filing. Documents filed by U.S. mail must be available to the judge in EAMS prior to the walk-through.

DWC has previously posted instructions on how to e-file settlement documents. The walk-through procedure will be handled via the Lifesize virtual courtroom which will be available for each office. A list of links for each office may be found here. The link for each virtual walk-through courtroom will not change. It should be noted that a judge will handle as many walk-throughs as are feasible for the day. The order in which a judge will hear the walk-throughs will be up to the judge handling that day’s matters. We encourage parties to file proposed orders to assist the judge with handling the matter more expeditiously."

To view the DWC Newsline in full, click here.