COVID-19 Communication | March 19, 2020
Dear Early Childhood Community,

Alliance for Kids is actively engaged in keeping up with the information and guidance you need to know as early care and education centers and family child care providers in our community. We've also been reaching out to each of you by phone and email to gather important information. From these conversations, we've learned about our community capacity to provide emergency child care, and also about specific ways that we can support you to be able to do your job and keep serving the children and families in your care. This update addresses both of those items, along with some additional information you need to know. Thank you for all that you are doing to support our community - we are listening and we are working to get you what you need.

Regarding emergency child care , a newly developed Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative has been established to create a system of emergency child care for our most essential workers, as well as an El Paso County Emergency Child Care Implementation Team to coordinate local efforts.
The Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative will seek to match available child care options to the following critical personnel during our communities' time of need:

  • Health care providers and staff: Doctors, nurses, and all hospital support personnel, including maintenance and janitorial staff
  • Public safety: Police, firefighters, EMT, Department of Corrections. 
  • Staff supporting critically at-risk populations: Long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, residential facilities subject to available capacity. 

During this effort, staff may return to the child care centers where they previously worked or could be placed at a different location based on demand. These educators will be paid an enhanced rate that recognizes their extra effort and commitment to serving our community in a time of need. Both licensed teachers and already qualified child and school-age care providers are eligible to take these roles. 
Here are the parent, program, and early childhood teacher surveys:
  • Child Care Application: Share this link if you know of a family needing care who meets the criteria listed above
  • Provider Survey: Use this link if you are a provider who is willing to open your facility to accommodate these critical workers
  • Early Childhood Educator Survey: Use/share this link if you are/know of an educator willing to help serve this population

Please visit  for more complete information.
Contact Us With Your Supply Needs
Regarding supply needs ,d o you need gloves, toilet paper, bleach? Is there a current need that is standing in the way of your providing the services you need to children and families? Please let us know by clicking “Contact Us” below and filling out the linked form. Please be sure to include your name, program name, and license number. We are working collectively with community partners to address your needs and will have updates about these efforts soon. Alliance for Kids staff will reach out to let you know about opportunities to address these needs in the near future.
Additional Information You Need to Know
Insurance Liabilities for Early Care & Education Programs
Insurance policies differ among early care and education centers and family child care homes. As a business owner it is important to understand your insurance coverage in times like these. Contact your insurance provider if you have questions related to your coverage.

Attendance Tracking
Be sure your program is tracking the specific reasons for children not attending your program at this time (e.g., sick, staying home with a parent/caregiver, families deciding not to attend due to COVID-19 concerns, etc.). This information may be useful in the future in regard to subsidies and understanding your ability to provide emergency child care.
Above all, we want to thank YOU for your continued partnership as we, as a community, seek to create solutions to this very challenging situation. Stay tuned as state and local solutions to this situation are continuously developing. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any needs that you may have.