COVID-19: Governor Newsom Issues New Executive Order with Some Comp-Related Provisions
Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on Friday, June 5 which contains new provisions that relate to workers’ compensation and extend deadlines for a period of 60 days in Labor Code sections 5909 and 5315.

The order essentially extends the time for judges to make their trial decisions and for the WCAB commissioners to act on Petitions for Reconsideration.

The new provisions are contained in paragraphs 3 and 4 and read:

3) Paragraph 8(g) of Executive Order N-63-20 is hereby amended to read:

Labor Code section 5313, related to the period of time a workers’ compensation judge must make and serve the findings, decision, order, or reward in a controversy;

4) The deadlines specified in the following statutes shall each be extended for a period of 60 days:

(i) Labor Code section 5909, related to the period of time a petition for reconsideration is deemed to have been denied by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board; and

(ii) Labor Code section 5315, related to the period of time in which the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board must act on any decision submitted by a Workers’ Compensation judge.

These are the only paragraphs that contain any provisions related to workers' compensation.

To read the executive order in full, click here .