July 30, 2020
Governor Walz Releases "Safe Learning Plan" Giving School Districts And Charter Schools Three Learning Model Options

Today, Governor Walz released his "Safe Learning Plan" for the 2020-21 school year. This plan allows local districts and charter schools to choose from in-person learning, online learning, or hybrid in-person/online learning informed by localized county virus data.

Districts can choose to flow between these different models as the virus data changes. Districts can apply different models to various grade levels, with the Safe Learning Plan prioritizing in-person learning for younger students. Families also have the option to opt-in to distance learning no matter what model their district decides on.

Teachers and staff who are at-risk will have the option to work from home or exercise some other accommodation if necessary and as practical. Enhanced funding will be available to districts to cover extra costs for cleaning and face coverings will be made available to all students, staff, and teachers.

Districts can use the county-based average cases per 10,000 residents over 14 days "as a starting point" in determining their schooling model. The guidance lists:
  • 0-9 cases per 10,000: In person learning for all students
  • 10-19: In person learning for elementary students and hybrid model for secondary students
  • 20-29: Hybrid learning for all students
  • 30-49: Hybrid learning for elementary students and distance learning for secondary students
  • 50+: Distance learning for all student

The plan does not apply to private schools.
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