At the time of this writing the Governor of New York has issued an  Executive Order (202-22)  stating two changes that impact this year's property tax calendar: 1) a new deadline of June 1 for Tentative Assessment Rolls to be posted and 2) the potential delay of Grievance Day, the date when assessment complaints may be made. 

  • Some towns HAVE posted their Tentative Rolls and Grievance Day will likely go on as scheduled for May 26.
  • Some towns HAVE NOT posted their rolls so Grievance Day will be delayed at least 21 days after the filing.
  • It is very important that you check your town's assessment calendar to see if your Tentative Roll has or has not been posted — and if the date for the Board of Assessment Review in your town has been rescheduled.

While times are different, if you feel that your assessment is not fair, and you are planning to challenge it, click the link below for helpful information and options in preparing your grievance.