CAWG Member,
We know many of you have either experienced supply disruptions or you anticipate disruptions occurring for critically important supplies necessary to continue your operations. We are well aware of the challenges growers face in obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizers for workers.
CAWG is working with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to gather data on supply chain disruptions affecting winegrape growers. CDFA is working with other state agencies to identify supply chain disruptions and assist affected agricultural producers, with a focus on the most pressing needs for PPE and cleaning/sanitizing materials.
CAWG is eager to assist CDFA in its efforts. For that reason, we ask you to use our survey ( click here or button below) to describe your current or anticipated supply shortfalls that you believe will not be resolved under current conditions, using existing suppliers.
It’s important that you provide us with your company name and the contact person at your company; however, we will not provide CDFA with names of any companies that respond to this survey, unless we have your permission to share that information .
Please provide the following via the survey (click button below):
  • Company name, name of contact and email
  • County location of affected operation(s)
  • Item or items not available
  • Make/model or item description   
  • Number of days remaining in current inventory
NOTE: we are not asking for information on potential labor shortages. Labor needs are outside the scope of this request.
For many growers, the lack of necessary supplies is a matter of great urgency, so please complete the survey NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 27.
CDFA’s goal is to help minimize food system disruptions by proactively working with the industry and we will let you know how this effort is progressing.
Thank you, hang in there and stay healthy.
The CAWG Team

CDFA recognizes that supply chain problems are likely to be an ongoing problem. For that reason, CAWG may send this same notice multiple times in the coming months to ensure we have an accurate and current understanding of growers’ needs. If your circumstances change or you have additional needs after you fill out this survey , please feel free to contact the CAWG office at 916-379-8995.