COVID-19: DWC Judge Conference Lines and Access Codes for Appearances Beginning April 13
As was mentioned in last week’s update from the WCAB and DWC, they have now issued the list of TOLL-FREE individual conference lines and access codes to be used for court appearances with judges beginning next week.

CAAA’s Executive Director Diane Worley contacted the DWC several times over the last two weeks to urge the DWC to alleviate significant issues surrounding the use of CourtCall and to get a free method in place to access WCAB appearances as soon as possible.

The list can be downloaded by clicking here , and is also available on the DWC website here .

If your judge is not listed, please let us know so we can notify the DWC and get the judge listed as soon as possible.

As a reminder, beginning April 13, all DWC judges in California will hear cases (excluding trials and lien conferences) by an individually assigned TOLL-FREE conference line.

When the free conference call service begins, there will be a DWC staff person on the phone to direct you on what to do. If the judge has a heavy calendar, they may ask for your email and instruct you to call back in later after other conferences are taken care of, similar to a decision to take some cases first when handling in-person hearings.

Also beginning April 13, attorneys are expected to appear telephonically if they have a matter on calendar, but judges are expected to be lenient under the circumstances in continuing matters if there is a non-appearance. It is recommended you call in right at 8:30 am or 1:30 pm depending on your hearing notice.