CAWG has partnered with the law firm of Fisher Phillips, LLP to offer an employment and labor law hotline.

This hotline allows current CAWG grower members the opportunity to call upon labor and employment law experts to clarify or answer your legal questions. Each CAWG grower member can contact the law office of Fisher Phillips, LLP and receive one free twenty-minute consultation per month.

LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW HOTLINE BASICS                                      
  • CAWG grower members are entitled to one complimentary 20-minute legal consultation per month.
  • The complimentary consultation will be limited to routine labor and employment advice and counsel.
  • To the extent additional time is needed, or if you wish to engage in any substantive document review, research, drafting of documents, or litigation, that additional time and service would be billed separately.

Please review the scope of the hotline and additional tips before utilizing the hotline services of Fisher Phillips, LLP.