June 30, 2020 - League of Wisconsin Municipalities - COVID-19 Special Edition
COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
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Routes to Recovery Expense Reporter is Open

Yesterday, the Department of Administration (DOA) announced via the Routes to Recovery list serve that the Expense Reporter app is now available. (Access using your unique code.)

General app instructions are available on the Routes to Recovery website . DOA emailed individualized instructions to all county and municipal clerks to access the Expense Reporter app securely. Unique codes are being sent to each clerk to ensure each local government can access the app for their specific reimbursement requests. Local government leaders should communicate with their clerk about accessing the app to prepare and submit reimbursement requests. The first reporting period will be open from July 1 – July 15.

DOA Responds to League Members’ Routes to Recovery Questions

Today, DOA emailed the League answers to ten questions municipalities had submitted to DOA staff during a June 23 League sponsored Zoom call for which there was insufficient time to answer during the call. 

DOA invites municipal officials to send additional questions you may have to covidgovgrants@wisconsin.gov , and DOA staff will respond directly to as many of your questions as possible. DOA may also send periodic updates with recurring questions and answers through the Routes to Recovery list serve.   You can sign up for the list serve by sending an email address with no message to  subscribe-covidgovgrant@lists.wi.gov
Routes to Recovery Background

On Friday, June 19, the Department of Administration released a Routes to Recovery Program Guidance for Local Governments providing information on what COVID-19 related expenses incurred by municipalities in response to the pandemic are eligible for reimbursement under the $190 million grant program funded by the federal CARES Act’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. With one exception, the Guidance seems to allow more types of COVID-19 related expenses to be reimbursed than Department of Administration staff had initially said would be allowed when the program was first announced two weeks ago. 

The Routes to Recovery Key Takeaways (PDF) is posted to our website here on the "Financing Impacts" page and may be updated as warranted.   
League COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable Conference Calls
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