Continuing to Support the Most Vulnerable during the COVID-19 Crisis
How is Acacia Network Responding to COVID-19?
For over 50 years, Acacia Network and its affiliates have been committed to improving the quality-of-life and wellbeing of underserved Latino communities in New York State and beyond by providing access to integrated health and housing programs, and by reinvesting in communities through innovative programming, employment opportunities and affordable housing ownership, among other initiatives. 

Given the current COVID-19 public health crisis, we have redoubled our efforts to serve the most vulnerable members of our communities –including our homeless population, the elderly, people of all ages requiring physical and mental health services, as well as individuals suffering from addiction—, while safeguarding the health and safety of our staff, our partners, and our clients. 

In keeping with Governor Cuomo's Executive Order that all employers reduce their in-person workforce at their locations by 100 percent, except for workers in essential services, we have transitioned to a remote work environment for all administrative and non-essential positions. 

That said, a large part of Acacia Network’s workforce provides essential services in areas that are critical to the continued wellbeing of our communities, including primary care clinics, mental health counseling, outpatient treatment programs, housing & residential programs, community residences, among others. 

The following provides an overview of how some of our programs continue to operate in order to meet the needs of our diverse client population:
Primary Care & Behavioral Health:
  • Primary Care clinics are operational with the exception of Park Avenue Clinic, with modified staffing and telecommuting schedules and location changes for the next two weeks. We have implemented limited public access for emergent services and are providing telehealth services;

  • We have implemented and centralized clinical workflows, policies, and protocols through a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, social workers, substance use workers, and other key personnel members, led by our Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs;

  • Our Behavioral Health programs are operational and have implemented flexible working schedules across all 32 programs. We will also be providing telephonic services.
Housing, Residences, and Social Services:
  • Our Social Services and Affordable Housing divisions are operational, with case workers available to respond to client emergencies and case management needs. Residences contracted by the Office of Mental Health (OMH) and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), as well as mental health supportive housing locations, are operating 24 hours a day. Acacia Network Housing (ANH) shelters remain open and operational, and in full compliance with all Department of Homeless Services (DHS) guidelines;

  • Casa Promesa – a skilled nursing residential healthcare facility providing comprehensive services to adults diagnosed with HIV/AIDS– has continued to operate without disruption. 

  • We have ramped up cleaning, security, and safety measures at all of our sites and locations to ensure staff and client health and welfare, while carefully tracking and monitoring for any reportable cases or exposures to COVID-19.
Children, Youth and Seniors:
  • Child Care and Head Start staff will be working remotely, following guidelines from the NYC Department of Education (DOE) and Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD). We have provided parents with packages for three weeks of remote learning for children;

  • Community Association of Progressive Dominicans (ACDP) staff will work remotely, providing virtual homework assistance and enrichment learning. In addition, ten staff members are serving the two Regional Enrichment Centers (REC) for first responders in New York City schools;

  • The Institute for Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly (IPRHE) –a network of senior centers across New York City—remains open to distribute meals to our vulnerable seniors. We have been in constant communication with the NYC Department for the Aging to ensure compliance.
Beyond the operation of our essential service facilities, Acacia Network’s leadership and executive team members remain fully committed and available to address any questions or concerns, and to support the continued wellbeing of our staff and clients during these incredibly challenging times.  

If you or someone you know are in need of services, please contact us at 718-734-2593

It is during times like these that we must all come together to weather the harshest of storms. We are confident that, if we all follow the current public health & safety guidelines to practice social distancing and remain vigilant, we shall come out of this crisis, stronger. 

Together, we will overcome this. Stay safe and be well!
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